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Porsha Williams Says Marlo Hampton “Rode NeNe Leakes’ Coattails For Years” And Is “A Clout Chaser”

Did anyone ever expect Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton to bury the hatchet? Their relationship hit a new low when Kenya crashed Marlo’s wig launch party with Kenya’s own hair care products and a marching band in tow.

During the South Carolina trip, the RHOA peaches celebrated Cynthia Bailey’s upcoming nuptials with an epic bachelorette party. The star was a stripper named Bolo. Two of the ladies allegedly got up and close and personal with Bolo, and Kenya was obsessed with finding out their identities. And Kenya doesn’t give a damn about girl code.

Kenya and Marlo mended their friendship during the trip. The timing was weird, because it was the last night of the trip, and Kenya was determined to out Porsha Williams as one of Bolo’s “special friends.” Porsha was pissed about Marlo and Kenya flaunting their fabulous new friendship.

The tension between Porsha and Kenya rolled on to the RHOA girls’ trip to The Big Easy. Marlo and Porsha had a heart-to-heart, and Marlo asked Porsha if what Kenya was saying about Bolo was true. Porsha denied it and was shook that a friend would even consider that. We know it probably was Porsha, but so what?


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During the most recent episode of RHOA, the cast cooked with New Orleans’ superstar Big Freedia. Marlo was beyond extra at this dinner, and even asked Big Freedia’s advice about a “hypothetical” situation involving Porsha and Kenya. Marlo tried to be Switzerland between this toxic duo, but she can’t win. Marlo stormed off, calling everyone “fake asses.” Now Marlo is over being told who she can be friends with and admitted to being “so confused” by the situation. Same here, Marlo.

MadameNoire reported that Porsha came for Marlo during an interview on the Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show. And Porsha didn’t hold back. Porsha was surprised by Marlo’s behavior at dinner, especially since they had just talked. Porsha said, “‘What is wrong with you? We just talked and we made amends at the dance class. How you get to the dinner and you this mad?’” That is a good point. Marlo seemed overly upset. “And then that’s when I realized that you know —Kenya’s big plan was to use the girl,” Porsha remarked.


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A producer asked Porsha why she thought Marlo was able to move forward with Kenya so easily. Porsha replied, “Some people are clout chasers like that. And if she thought that Kenya was gonna be able to ruin my name, ruin me and bring me down, then she was gonna go on the next most powerful thing,” Porsha stated. “And that’s who she thought Kenya was. The same way she rode NeNe’s [Leakes] coattail for years, okay? –Years.” Oh, the shade is real!

RHOA viewers saw Cynthia encourage Marlo and Kenya to rekindle their friendship. However, Porsha claimed she also tried to re-unite the women. Porsha recalled telling Marlo about Kenya, “Eventually, you all will be able to have a conversation and get to a better place– and when it’s time, be able to receive it and be apologetic and be honest.” Sure, Porsha.


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“So I’m the one that called for them to be friends again, and then look what happened,” Porsha exclaimed. Shamea Morton commented about Marlo, “You gave your friend away.” Porsha added, “She was never mine from the get-go.”


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