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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Broken Backs And Tainted Blessings

Marlo Hampton is finding herself in the middle of quite the mess on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Attempting to juggle friendships with both Kenya Moore & Porsha Williams is no easy feat. No matter what she says, someone is going to get offended or twist her words. It’s an unenviable position to find herself in. It all came to a head in New Orleans where she lost her cool on everyone at dinner. Marlo isn’t messing around anymore.

The timing of Kenya accepting her back into her life is suspect. However, Porsha’s reaction to the reconciliation has been very much over the top. Why does she care so much? Is she jealous? What’s the root of her new rift with Marlo? In addition to their issues, LaToya Ali has also frequently found herself in hot water with many of the women. No doubt that should be coming to a head very soon as well.

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Things at Kandi Burruss’ restaurant event are uncomfortable as hell because of Porsha & Marlo’s tension. Porsha doesn’t think it’s the time to hash out the issues though. She’s giving her the coldest of shoulders. That’s for the best. There’s no need to reunion another dinner over petty bs.

LaToya can’t make it to dinner because of a “stomach bug”. There’s no way that’s the real reason. She’s avoiding someone or something. Maybe her drinking is truly as out of control as Drew Sidora’s claiming it is.

Marlo issues an apology to Porsha for their Big Easy blow up. Instead of reacting to Marlo’s apology, Porsha chooses to wish everyone a good dinner and move on with the night. Porsha is giving us an entire season of Meredith Marks vibes. The disengaging makes the storylines impossible to move forward. Why even be on the show if you’re not willing to play ball. I used to be a major Porsha fan, but if she’s not willing to do what the show calls for, she needs to see her ass out.

Kenya pulls Kandi aside to tell her Marc Daly’s in town for Brooklyn’s birthday. He arrived early, so Kenya has no idea what his game plan is or where he’s even staying. There needs to be a definition decision soon on the state of their marriage. The ambiguity surrounding their relationship and the custody of their daughter is too messy.

Kandi asks why she doesn’t just file for divorce, and that’s the million dollar question. They aren’t even together, and she’s clearly terrified of this man in some capacity. I think she’s holding onto the marriage out of fear she won’t ever find anything else. It took her so long to get married and have a child. She has to be petrified that she’s never going to find that again.

While she’d like to stay and support Kandi further, she needs to get home and figure s**t out. That’s for the best because Marc is a wildcard. In the limited times we’ve seen him, he’s proven to be too unpredictable. He can flip on a dime, and that’s the last thing Kenya needs in her life right now.

The food at Kandi’s restaurant is to die for, and I hate that I’m stuck here and not there eating it. That’s honestly a crime against humanity. They had me at the baked mac and cheese, and they hooked me for life with those crab legs. WHEW.

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Marlo apologizes again to everyone for how she acted at the dinner in New Orleans. She understands that she acted like a total ass, and she wants to own up for that. Porsha says she meant to text her back the next morning for an update on her back. Marlo’s been out of commision because of her back after her nephews allegedly jumped on it.

Porsha and Shamea Morton are trying to trip Marlo up and get her to admit she had lipo before the trip. They don’t think anyone ever jumped on her back. Why would Marlo even lie about that though? She’s openly admitting to having had lipo on more than one occasion. Why would she withhold the truth about this particular instance? Something’s off with this.

Kandi’s just as confused as the rest of us, but Shamea’s staying firm that she heard Marlo got lipo before the trip. I don’t understand the point of bringing it up though. Maybe I’m insane here, but I don’t get how it correlates to any of Porsha & Marlo’s current issues? Also, Shamea is looking so thirsty up Porsha’s ass trying to ride it for attention. Girl, bye now.

Marlo whispers to Kandi that Porsha needs to stop before she reveals some juicy tea. She says she can drag Kandi into it and get her to admit she heard Porsha with Bolo on the Charleston trip. WHY ARE WE SO OBSESSED WITH WHO F**CKED THIS DAMN STRIPPER? His sausage must be magical for us to be carrying on and on about it so many weeks later.

After LaToya was driven home at the end of Drew Sidora’s French themed party, she was hammered as we all know. After that, she was connected with the church to try and get the help that she needs. However, LaToya & Prophet Lott have allegedly gotten romantically involved.

HONEY NO! Why is that happening? This is so messy. At this point Drew no longer wishes for Prophet Lott to be presiding over the blessing of her baby. That makes thing so damn uncomfortable for everyone involved. I’d like to think that LaToya wouldn’t cross the line like that and do something so nefarious.

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Cynthia Bailey claims she took a major financial hit during the pandemic. She was able to keep afloat though, so now she wants to give back to other black owned businesses. It’s amazing to see the community coming together to support all of these black entrepreneurs.

Marlo stops by and makes a gesture of good faith to support Porsha’s company. Porsha seems appreciative of the purchase, but she wants Marlo out of her business. This has to be Porsha’s last season, right? She’s giving us absolutely nothing. Her apathetic attitude is the worst and reminiscent of another recently departed cast member. Bloop!

Drew fills Kandi in about the drama surrounding her baby’s blessing. It’s weird to even have to type that. How do these Housewives manage to take any event and turn it into a drama fest? They have a talent for it. They really do.

I agree with Drew about it being weird that LaToya sought out a relationship with the Prophet. HOWEVER, does that blooming relationship really taint the entire event? Does the child not deserve to be blessed anymore? It doesn’t feel THAT serious.

LaToya shows up to Cynthia’s pop up event, and Kandi carries the bones in record time. It takes her less than a minute to tell her everything that Drew just spilled. Kandi doesn’t waste any time. I appreciate her commitment to helping the storylines move along.

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Cynthia thanks everyone for coming to support her event, and things start to unravel quickly. Drew tells everyone she got a call from the Prophet the night of Kandi’s tasting which is why LaToya didn’t show. LaToya is pretty much denying all of this without outright denying it. She’s trying to make it seem like all of this is a fairytale drummed up inside of Drew’s head.

Drew saying “real lives have been affected by this” was a bit much for my liking. LaToya screwin the Prophet doesn’t negate all of the abilities he says he has. He’s still more than capable of doing the baby blessing. Although they’ve already waited two years, so a minor postponement can’t hurt too much.

LaToya denies spending the night with Prophet Lott, and questions why they think she’d lie about it. Forgetting all of that though, why can’t Drew look for a blessing elsewhere? Kandi starts speaking facts about how the Prophet’s personal life has NOTHING to do with Drew.

LaToya storms out of Cynthia’s event because of the escalating argument with Drew. I’m normally never on LaToya’s side with much, but this is Drew reaching HARD AS HELL for an issue with her. It’s like she set up LaToya to go on this spiritual journey just so she could create a fake scandal like this. I see through ALLL of that s**t.

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Kenya invites a few of the girls to her breast reduction reveal party. Even Marlo is there which is a sign of how far they’ve progressed in their friendship. It’s her first time ever stepping foot in Moore Manor after all of these years.

Kenya tells everyone that her marriage with Marc is still all over the place. He texted her saying he’d like to do counseling in person and come to Atlanta more often. I say he’s full of s**t.

Everyone thinks Drew is overreacting with her issue about LaToya & the Prophet. To combat the scandal, LaToya calls the Prophet while she’s at Kenya’s. He denies being in a relationship with LaToya, but he thinks it was others being messy.

Not only that, but his engagement ended THREE YEARS AGO. That was well before he ever came into contact with LaToya. Drew’s full of s**t. Period.


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