Fans Slam Carole Radziwill For Criticizing Colton Underwood For Being The Bachelor In Response To Him Coming Out As Gay

Even though Carole Radziwill’s time on the Real Housewives of New York is long gone, she never shies away from a moment to share her opinion. But hey, she’s a writer girl, it’s in her blood. She’s flamed her ex-BFF Bethenny Frankel, shaded Tinsley Mortimer and said everyone on the cast was fake besides Dorinda Medley. Oh, and accused them of doing hard drugs on the show. For someone who is over being on Bravo, she sure talks about reality TV a lot.

And yesterday Carole decided to insert herself into some reality TV news that literally has absolutely nothing to do with her. Bachelor alum Colton Underwood came out as gay this week after appearing on the ABC dating show. He said he came to terms with his sexuality earlier this year and has been processing it.

So why does this concern Carole you might ask? Exactly. She decided to go on Twitter to take Colton’s honest and difficult moment and criticize it. “Congrats to Colton Underwood but also What?? You apply & compete with other men to go on a TV show looking for love & you think you might be gay? What about processing that without involving TV crews and 25 girls. It’s a great day for gay men, bad day for young women,” she wrote. Again I say, WHO EVEN ASKED YOU?

As expected, Carole got some heat for her unnecessary remarks. “Carole, religion and family and literal location and a myriad of other factors can inform a person coming to terms, accepting, being public with their sexuality. Your take is a nasty stereotype that perpetuated the ideas that LGBTQ+ are in some ways duplicitous,” a fan responded.

And if you thought Carole would read the room and just stop offering her unwarranted opinion, think again. “No it’s not,” she responded to the fan. “I’ve known many men who’ve struggled and come out at different times in their lives. It’s very difficult. But I believe this was a TV show involving 25 other women all I’m saying is if there is any doubt why do that? Seems harder…” Let me just take a moment to say that The Bachelor is really not that serious. It seems like half of the contestants join the show to become influencers from their 15 seconds of fame. The majority of relationships from recent seasons have fallen apart almost immediately after the cameras stopped rolling.


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Another person tried to talk some sense into Carole on Twitter. “Lots and lots of women have dated/liked a guy who was gay before he was out or honest with himself/everyone else. Doesn’t reflect poorly on anyone involved. If you’re worried about the girls, I promised they’re fine,” someone wrote. Carole quote-tweeted it, saying, “Of course, I did too, I’m sure. But on national tv in a reality show game? Hits differently.” But does it really?

Then, Good Morning America tweeted out the full interview with Colton coming out. And Carole could not let that tweet be out there without putting her name above it. “I’m happy for Colton to be living his truth now. Is anyone talking about where @ABC executives should be vetting their contestants better? Or what the women think? @RobinRoberts @BachelorABC What’s good?” Carole do yourself a favor and LOG OFF.


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Another person called out Carole’s tweets, saying her original had “big Bethenny energy.” “You are too chic and erudite to have meant it, so I am going to pretend that you did not.” Obviously, Carole wasn’t going to be compared to her sworn enemy without a comment. “Oh now that hits below the belt. It’s the @BachelorABC producers that need to reflect tho. it should be part of that convo.”

Another fan asked Carole to “keep an open heart and open mind” on the matter at hand. “Aww thanks. My heart is open but in all directions not just to that of the struggling man. He chose to go on a reality game show, the women and their journey should be part of this convo. I get it, it’s a show #patriarchylives,” she tweeted in response. 


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A viewer responded to Carole’s ramblings, saying it was a “bad take from a smart person.” She wrote back, “I can see that. It should have read it’s a good day for Colton, a bad day for the women in the show. Didn’t mean that generally. We’ve likely dated closeted gay men at one time but not under the glare of TV game show professing love.” So now she’s self-editing like a true writer girl.

A response to that read, “You have no idea what it’s like to be a closeted gay man. You will never know. So please save your judgment unless you absolutely know what someone is going through. The internal hate a closeted man deals with everyyyyyy single day. Damn the good ones are always disappointing.”

Even though Bethenny and Carole are not on good terms by any means, Carole seems to be taking a page from B’s book on inserting her opinion in things that don’t concern her. 


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