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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Psychic Visions & Pineapple Dreams

After a wild trip to the Jersey Shore, what’s in store for The Real Housewives of New Jersey? This group fights so hard, but at the end of the day, they’re usually able to come together. The trip saw so many rocky moments, but it also saw some much needed closure. It was relieving to see Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider finally put their issue to rest. It was a dark cloud hanging over the group and the season, and we can finally move past it.

One feud that grew larger on the trip was Jennifer Aydin & Margaret Josephs. They are different in ever conceivable way. They have nothing in common, and if you put the two of them together, something is bound to happen. Teresa’s supposed to be arranging for everyone to meet with a psychic, and it can’t come fast enough. It would be perfect if the psychic could use her powers to keep Jennifer & Margaret from hitting each other with low blows.

Jennifer Aydin Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Jennifer’s mother is over for a visit, and Jennifer wishes she went to turkey. It would’ve been nice for her to make the trip to meet her new grandson. Jennifer’s dad was attending the trip, so she was NEVER going to go there. It’s sad that she’s allowing their growing animosity to get in the way of being a grandmother.

Jennifer fills in her mother about what Margaret said about her on this shore trip. Being told that your husband is simply your meal ticket is highly insulting. It’s not appropriate to say anything like that to anyone EVER. However, at the same time Jennifer was equally out of line for her comments about Margaret sleeping with her boss.

The topic shifts to Jennifer’s father, and her mother is still on a tirade about it. Her mother says her father was never there, so that’s why she has no bad memories of him. He wasn’t there for a lot of the moments, but when he was there, Jennifer says it was good.

Jennifer’s mother begged her own mother she didn’t want to marry him. She was forced to do it after all because breaking up would shame the family. It’s painful to hear how she was trapped into a marriage she wanted no part of. She gave that man nearly five decades of her life, so it must be awful how it’s turned out. I hope they can pick up the pieces and make things right.

Melissa Gorga Margaret Josephs Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Melissa Gorga, Margaret, and Jackie meet up for lunch, and Margaret talks about her new book. She had an interesting and unconventional childhood because of Marge Sr’s lifestyle. It’s not normal to go out and be around your partying mother when you’re six years old. That’s not at all how it should be.

She’s not walking around touting it or even trying to get sympathy for sleeping with her boss. She’s putting it in a book about HER life because it’s an authentic moment that happened. It’s not up to people like Jennifer to decide whether or not it was a “sloppy” moment. At the same time though, Margaret shouldn’t be labeling Jennifer as a sloppy drunk or a trophy wife.

Margaret says she thinks Melissa has evolved over the years, and she doesn’t need Joe Gorga anymore. Things aren’t the same as they were when they first met. She isn’t the cooking and cleaning stay at home woman anymore. Things have continued to evolve since then.

She’s much more successful since joining the show, and so many new doors have opened for her. She doesn’t have to rely on him anymore. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find out she’s bringing in more money than him at this point. I don’t think Joe’s fragile male ego can handle that.

Dolores Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Teresa is inviting all of the girls (including Jackie) over for a psychic party! Psychics on Housewives usually equal something insanely dramatic going down. Even though they’re in a much better place, even Jackie’s surprised to find herself with an invite. She never knows where she and Teresa stand.

Since coming home from prison and getting divorced, Teresa is regularly seeing a psychic. Maybe the psychic is the one who told her the rumor about Evan Goldschneider supposedly having a girlfriend. She said she heard it from somewhere, so who better than her friendly neighborhood psychic?

Margaret thinks Teresa has a new man on the side because of her recent evasive behavior. The way she’s skipping out on events with vague excuses is turning lots of heads. Melissa knows the truth, but she does whatever she can these days to avoid being on the bad side of her sister-in-law. After going to war with each other for years, she doesn’t want to do anything to rock the boat.

In the midst of her charity work for breast cancer, Dolores Catania was neglecting herself. While encouraging so many to get important mammograms, she never took the time to get one herself. She does so much for so many people, and she often leaves herself missing on the care she deserves. It’s great that she has a large heart and wants to help people, but she has to take care of herself also.

Her mammogram came back abnormal, so she has to have a biopsy done. Thank goodness the doctors convinced her to get her mammogram because early detection is everything. If this were to turn out to be cancer, knowing early is going to do wonders in getting a positive outcome.

House flipping is still going well for Dolores & Frank Catania because despite the pandemic people are buying. It’s great how well these exes work together. They don’t have the most conventual relationship, but it works for them. Sometimes I wonder where David Principe even fits into the equation, but that’s a mystery to everyone. It’s nice to see him a bit more often this season, but their relationship has always felt like the biggest sham. What’s real with them?

Dolores tells Frank about her biopsy, and he’s floored to find out she hasn’t told anyone. Last time she had a procedure without telling anyone, she got s**t for him from everyone. She says it’s not in her old school culture to tell everyone about your problems even if it’s family. She’s forcing herself to go through this all alone because of the classic Italian culture. I wish they could evolve beyond that and understand that expressing emotions is NOT a sign of weakness.

Margaret Josephs Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Before Teresa’s psychic party, Margaret wonders if the psychic will disclose things about Teresa’s new man. She’s really on this one about Teresa. I honestly don’t think she genuinely likes Teresa. I believe she knows Teresa is critical to the show, and that she has to remain on somewhat good terms with her. Besides that, I think it would tickle Margaret to become the new face of this show.

Margaret also takes issue with a video on Jennifer’s Instagram of her talking about needing a new housekeeper. I know Jennifer is always home, but that’s a large ass home. I don’t find it that peculiar that Jennifer would want someone to be there full-time to help take care of that household. If you have the money to spend, why not do what you can to make things easier on yourself?

I’m obsessed with the fact that these rich ass women are drinking Yellow Tail wine. I appreciate knowing that they are real people and I can relate to wanting to get drunk on a budget. It could just be Gia Giudice’s wine, but I want to believe that Teresa went to the liquor store and got the cheapest bottle of vino they had.

Margaret is inviting everyone on her ghostwriter’s yacht to hear some excerpts from the new book. I’ve written six books, and the most I’ve ever done is read them aloud to my girlfriend in the car while she gasps in amazement. It would probably be a lot cooler on a yacht though. Why am I so lame?

Margaret tells Jennifer she found her Instagram video to be cringe, but what’s the problem? Why is she so obsessed with Margaret chooses to do in her household? Find a new hobby!

This psychic is so on point about everyone, and it’s so freakishly accurate. When the psychic gets to Dolores, she picks up on the fact that she needs to get checked. Holy s**t. Given what’s going on with the biopsy situation, that’s some wild information to discern.

She channels Dolores‘ grandmother as well who tells her that David is NOT her soulmate. It didn’t take a psychic to know that information. We all know that relationship is not the end game for Dolores. She can do so much better than David. She needs someone that is going to love her more than life itself, and that’s not at all what she has right now.

Despite being told that her relationship is going nowhere, that’s not what causes her to break down. Dolores is brought to tears when the psychic channels her former dog. I don’t think one situation was more impactful than the other. I just think Dolores is more comfortable getting emotional about that than about David. She never wants to show weakness, but it’s easier to make it about the past than about her dead end present.

Melissa Gorga Dolores Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Melissa initially swore she wouldn’t talk to the psychic, but she’s decided to forgo that. The part that gives me chills is when she channels the fact that five years ago is one something was broken. That coincides to when Melissa opened Envy and things started to go south with Joe. This psychic is EVERYTHING, and I need a reading ASAP.

Jackie’s reading leads to her grandmother making an appearance to talk about her struggles. Jackie’s grandmother was her biggest supporter and understand her struggles with eating disorder more than her parents. When she lost that outlet in her life, it was quite the devastating blow.

The psychic channels the friction between Jennifer’s parents which is another wild reading. She needs Jennifer to defend her mother and stand with her. Holy s**t. Telling her mom that she’s on her team is going to do wonders in repairing this family.

When the psychic gets to Teresa, she lets it slip that Tre has a new man. There it is! It’s out there, and now everyone knows! Why is Teresa keeping him from the group? He can’t be any worse than Joe Giudice, so bring him around, and start this new chapter!

Melissa Gorga Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Jackie’s family is visiting for the Jewish holiday, and it means more to her now because of the reading. She got to hear that her grandmother is watching over her, so it was a major healing moment. Jackie is choosing to be more open in the Jewish new year, and that’s for the best. She’s so uptight at times and could use more fun in her life!

Joe & Melissa slip away for much needed one on one time. Melissa wants to dive into the topic of sex with Antonia which is a loaded conversation. She wants open and honest communication with her about what to expect and choices to make when it comes to sex. You can see Joe squirming in his chair because it’s making him so uncomfortable. I don’t envy his daughter having to deal with an overbearing caveman father like Joe.

Joe tells Melissa he loves her drive and work ethic, but he doesn’t want to be forgotten. People don’t remain the same for their entire lives. Everyone evolves over time. He doesn’t want work to consume her entire life, but he sounds SOO insecure about it. She’s doing NOTHING wrong here.

Melissa has really come into her own across her tenure on Housewives. The show has opened a plethora of doors for her professionally, and she’s taking advantage of them. Why wouldn’t she? This is a once in a lifetime type of platform to catapult into great success.

Jennifer tells her family that she needs to admit to her mother that she was right. Her father immediately gets defensive about never doing that to his wife. However, her mother says abuse comes in so many additional forms. She’s right, and the way he’s flying off the handle, I can see her being correct.

They come from a time period where marriage in their culture wasn’t reliant on love. It was about status and bettering of the two families. Clearly neither of them truly connect with this relationship and they don’t want to be together.


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