Jennifer Aydin And Teresa Giudice Think Margaret Josephs Knew About Evan Goldschneider Cheating Rumor Before Teresa Said It On Camera; Margaret Insists Husband Joe Benigno Heard This At Their House After Teresa Said It

Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider coming face to face at the Jersey Shore cast trip was going to be dramatic.  Not only between the two feuding ladies, but between the rest of the Real Housewives of New Jersey as they take sides on the cheating rumors.

It was at Dolores Catania’s shore house that Jennifer Aydin revealed Joe Beningo also heard the rumors regarding Evan GoldschneiderTeresa took the news as a validation, but is it really?  If you are Team Tre, Margaret Joseph’s explosive reaction could be suspect.  Did Margaret rage at Jennifer for exposing Joe and fueling the rumors, or was Margaret intent on clarifying where and when Joe heard the gossip.  The timing is everything.

Jennifer and Teresa stand by their belief that Margaret and Joe heard the same rumors on The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show.

“Where else would he have heard it from but Margaret?” Jennifer said, “you know, he said he heard Margaret and the girls talk about it or whatever.  Like, I’m wondering when did that happen.  Did it happen before Evan’s first party or after Evan’s first party? ”

Jennifer does bring up a good point.  If Joe meant that he heard the rumors after Teresa’s unfortunate actions at Evan’s birthday, then it hardly validates Teresa.  It just shows how much damage she has done by repeating gossip without any proof.


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Margaret said as much, and this explains why she wanted to clarify during the Shore dinner what Joe meant.

“Ok, let me just say something,” she explained, “these yenta men are like a bad game of telephone.  They drink and say stupid stuff.  And I knew what Joe said.  He said, ‘I heard it around my house.  Yeah I heard it before, I heard it around my house.  All these girls are talking about it.'”

“My husband never heard it in town,” Margaret continued, “he heard it in our house.  Do you know why he heard it in our house?  Cuz Teresa said it and I’m talking about it in my house.  To Lexie, to Lisa, to Lindsay, to all the girls that work for me.  So of course, the cackling hens in my house.  We’re all talking about it.”


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Here’s why Margaret came down so hard on Jennifer and not Teresa.  She saw Jennifer as adding fuel to the fire, and the validation was only in her own mind.

Margaret said, “but Bill Aydin, the raw drunk  goes home and tells Jennifer and Jennifer has to run and tell Teresa, ‘oh don’t worry its not just you, Joe B. heard it too.’  And it got misconstrued along the way.”

Will explanation clear anything up for Teresa or Jennifer?  Perhaps Jennifer will reconsider aligning with Teresa?  This, of course, is assuming that either will believe Margaret.


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