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Jennifer Aydin Feels Bad Margaret Josephs Yelled At Husband Joe Benigno Over Evan Goldschneider Cheating Rumor; Says Margaret Should Blame Teresa Giudice Instead

Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on the Real Housewives Of New Jersey. Jen’s a bit over-the-top and loves to throw zingers, especially when it comes to Melissa Gorga. Meanwhile, Marge tends to be a girl’s girl and a little more zen, except for last week’s episode when she got tied into the rumor web surrounding allegations of Evan Goldschneider cheating on his wife.

In case you forgot, Teresa Giudice brought the rumors up about Evan cheating at the beginning of the season, igniting a vicious feud with Jackie Goldschneider. When the house husbands were having bro night (the RHONJ spinoff we truly need), Joe Benigno told the guys he heard the rumor about Evan too. Bill Aydin couldn’t help but gossip the news to his wife that Tre’s petty rumor might have some merit.

Jennifer went and told Teresa, Dolores Catania and Frank Catania the tea about Joe, which is basically giving Tre ammunition for her first face-to-face with Jackie since she made the Gia Giudice cocaine allegation. Tre brought it up that Joe. B heard the rumor too, which pissed off the Marge. Maybe it’s because she’s the cast member that told Teresa the rumor about Evan’s alleged infidelity in the first place?

During The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show, Jennifer got real about the second-hand embarrassment she felt when Margaret yelled at her husband at the table, even though they all threw him under the bus. “She went so crazy on me. I was like ‘The f–k did I do? I didn’t say it, your husband said it. Why don’t you turn around and get mad at him,” Jennifer said. “And she yelled at him in front of everything. I felt so horrible that I was the reason.”


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And even though she felt bad for him, Jen couldn’t help but shade Margaret’s reaction. Probably because she’s still mad that Margaret screamed “Shut up!” at her at a crowded table after insinuating she had a drinking problem. “Honestly he should know his wife by now. He should know he’s not allowed to do those things otherwise he’s going to get punished,” Jen said. Is she referring to Margaret not allowing Joe to gossip? No wonder Dr. Bill feels so comfortable spilling the dirt with his wife. It sounds like it’s encouraged.

Margaret had her own opinion of the situation. “Don’t try to accuse my husband,” she said. But didn’t she reprimand him like he was guilty? She also said she was mad at Bill for telling the rumor to Jennifer because it’s “perpetuating it.”


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Jen went on to say the real person Margaret should be mad at is Teresa because she brought it up at the table. “A conversation I had with my girlfriend in the car ride over here has nothing to do with you,” Jen said. If my girlfriend brought it up i.e. Teresa, then your beef is with Teresa or your husband who is the initial person who said it.”

Tre responded by saying she’s “used to” Marge and Jen going back and forth. “But Jennifer, she’s good. She knows how to handle herself,” Teresa said. That’s debatable. Jennifer literally broke a wine glass and pointed it at Melissa during a heated feud. Is that really handling herself? Maybe in Tre’s book, which gives a pass to Danielle Staub for pulling Margaret’s hair.


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Jen had to dig at Marge one last time by saying, “I respect my elders,” in response to Teresa’s praise. And she says she doesn’t kiss Tre’s ass, but she must know that Teresa is fiercely aligned with people who make her laugh, not who make the best decisions.


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