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Real Housewives Of Dallas Season 5 Reunion Part 1 Recap: Barbie’s Trip To Tiffany Moon’s Grammar Class

The Real Housewives Of Dallas Reunion is FINALLY HERE. Strap in because this one is going to be a wild one. There’s so much to unpack this season. It seemed like every episode contained another themed party or trip that stirred up drama. From the video of Brandi Redmond mocking Asians to Kary Brittingham’s new bully status. A lot has gone down this season, and Andy Cohen’s going to MENTION IT ALL.

Tiffany Moon has the seat next to Andy which means she’s going to be a major player. She was involved in quite a bit of drama for her first season. Her personal story line was also one of the more gripping ones as well. Tiffany brought everything that a Housewife needs to be successful on this show. Hopefully she tasks everyone to task for their backwards thinking and inappropriate actions. Someone needs to!

Everything’s Crazier In Texas

Stephanie Hollman Real Housewives Of Dallas

They’re paying homage to Dallas once again for the set of the reunion. Please continue to supply me with life like this. I’ve been binge watching Dallas lately, so this is EVERYTHING. The Ewings feel like an extended part of my family at this point.

In an unprecedented move, Brandi & Kary have to ZOOM into the reunion. Brandi lucked out in a way by sitting next to Kary on the plane. She would’ve been in the ultimate hot seat for all of her shenanigans this season. Couldn’t she just hang up if things start to get too tough?

Watching Stephanie Hollman spank everyone stirs up quite the amount of questions inside of me. Does she do the same to Travis Hollman? Does he just bend over and take it. I need answers, and I need them now.

Kameron Westcott’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre stunt ACTUALLY caused Tiffany to s**t herself. That sounds terrifying and epic at the same time. How do you get THAT scared? You couldn’t possibly thing someone was genuinely coming after you with a chainsaw. Props to Kameron for pulling that off though!

Friends Turned To Frenemies

D'Andra Simmons Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

Andy brings up the possibility that Kary brought up Oliva’s struggles as a way to shut D’Andra Simmons down. What an accusation to throw at someone. Her daughter was clearly going through deep dark struggles. HOWEVER, it’s not lost on me that this group judge LeeAnne Locken for bringing up her personal struggles. Why is it good for one and not the other?

D’Andra says friendship goes both ways, and Kary didn’t pick up the phone either. Being invested goes both ways. One person shouldn’t have to carry the friendship. Can’t they accept that they were both probably crap friends to the other. Neither fully understands what it takes to be a decent friend.

D’Andra comes at Kary with an eye opening dagger. Kary referred to Tiffany as “COVID girl” early in the same. Look at how things have changed since then. Who is carrying that label now? Kary is the one filming remotely from a hotel room after testing positive for COVID. The irony isn’t lost on D’Andra or this writer.

Kameron calls out Tiffany for using that COVID girl phrase herself. Can we all agree that it’s nothing something acceptable to say? In no way, shape, or form, should that be something anyone says about anyone. This group needs to DO BETTER because it’s an awful look in 2021. EDUCATE YOURSELVES.

Tiffany’s the only woman in the group who feels Kary bullied D’Andra. I have no idea how you could watch the show and not think that. The way she constantly picks at and berates her costars is unacceptable.

Stephanie & Kameron take offense to this and claim they held Kary to task toward the end. However, that’s not enough for D’Andra. She wanted them to have her back in the earlier portion of the season. When Kary was constantly coming for D’Andra, Tiffany’s really the only one who had her back.

D’Andra says she and Kary haven’t spoke, but she says it’s not her story to share. I need answers. This is the reunion, and it’s time to spill the tea. Now is not the time to hold back. I guess it has something to do with Twitter which is quite the letdown. These women should maybe stay off Twitter a bit.

Stephanie thinks something D’Andra put out on social media crossed the line. It was a posted saying “bully proof”. Stephanie. Girl, bye with that. That’s not even bad at all. I thought D’Andra posted something nasty about Kary’s kids by the way Stephanie reacted. She really thought she did something there.

I’m not with Andy or the other women about this. They think because D’Andra made up with Kary at the end of the season, she shouldn’t have posted it. She was just going by the episodes because that’s what was going in. It was relevant at the time. Is she not allowed to talk about her feelings about what happened on the show because that’s a ridiculous ask?

Kary Is A Situation

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

I’m so glad they mentioned how insanely long we celebrated Kary’s birthday. There were so many trips and so many parties in her honor. I get 50 is a milestone, but hot damn. There is a limit on how much I can watch her tequila shenanigans over her birthday.

Kary reveals to everyone that her marriage was falling apart during the season. She breaks down in tears while telling Andy that she and Eduardo Brittingham decided to split. They just told their kids that they are getting a divorce.

Kary believes a lot of her behavior was a result of masking her personal pain. She was able to take a close look at what she’s been going through. D’Andra didn’t reach out to her because she didn’t want Kary to feel like she was fishing. That’s a smart move because with what was going on that’s exactly what would’ve been said.

This is going to make Kary have to work harder because she won’t have as much money. All of the women are rooting for her to become successful which is nice to see. They’re able to put the drama aside to rally for her.

Kary is embarrassed on how she behaved on the Bigfoot night. She thinks what she was going through at home at the time affected how she acted. That could be true or it could be a cop out. We’ll see how she is next season.

Kary said the amount she drank led her to forget that Tiffany couldn’t swim. That’s such a dangerous thing to forget though. It could’ve been a much different outcome if there weren’t as many people around.

Andy questions Kary about her drinking, and he asks the women if they think she has a drinking problem. I will say she seemed to be downing shots at every turn throughout the season. However, none of us are in a position to say if she does or doesn’t. If she says she doesn’t, I’ll believe her.

Kameron comes to Kary’s defense and says they work hard together often, and Kary’s sober when they do. Stephanie feels like she partook more this season than prior, but she doesn’t think it’s a problem. Hopefully everyone’s intervention in the finale got through to her if she is facing any struggles like that.

The Fabulous World Of Kameron

Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kameron defends her marriage after complaints about the way Court Westcott treats her. She says anyone that knows her and her marriage knows how great it is. While I see how it’s easy to think he’s too traditional, I also think he does it out of love for Kameron. I don’t think he ever wants her to worry about what’s going on or stress about it.

Things are going great in the new home so far for their family. They’re working on a design install while Kameron’s filming the reunion. After how badly she wanted to live in that dream house, it’s great everything’s going well.

Kameron doesn’t appreciate Tiffany mocking her for the bad grade with the dog trainer. That’s such a petty thing to get upset about, but that’s Housewives. If it wasn’t for petty squabbles over nothing, we’d have a lot less entertaining franchise most likely.

Paging Dr. Tiffany

Andy Cohen Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Tiffany is my FAVORITE Housewives edition in recent memory. I can’t recall anyone else who burst onto the scene the way she did. She secured that coveted seat next to Andy too in her first season. Not many can give claim to that accomplishment. She really did THAT.

People at Tiffany’s workplace are having a negative reaction to her on the show. She was told joining the series it was “career suicide”. Well, she’s probably banking a lot more coin than the rest of them, so they can move on.

Tiffany’s sensitive to her mother’s word, so every small thing she says affects her harder. People may not pick up on some of the sleights, but she knows the truth. She knows her mother better than most, so who are they to judge?

Tiffany’s father called her an idiot for joining the show. She doesn’t know why he thinks that, but she wasn’t going to push for more information. Things aren’t worse with her mother, but they aren’t better either. The pandemic has left their relationship is somewhat of a standstill.

Kameron says the TikTok of Tiffany mocking her mother throwing a shoe at her head disturbed her. Kameron’s treading down quite the slippery slope with this conversation. She thinks Tiffany’s perpetuating racism by posting videos like that.

This is an AWFUL look for Kameron. She cannot sit there and accuse Tiffany of being racist toward her own race. First of all, that doesn’t even make sense. Second, of all the stances to go hard at Tiffany about, this is the worst road for Kameron to travel down.

Tiffany thanks Kameron for her opinion and asks her to unfollow her. WELL ALRIGHT THEN. Tiffany’s completely stone cold shut her down. She might be a Housewives legend in the making. I hope she remains on the show because this is a phenomenal reunion performance.

Kary thinks she kept connecting with Tiffany on multiple levels during filming. However, nothing ever came from it. Kameron interrupts asking if Tiffany picks on other people the way she claims Kary did to her. Tiffany shut that s**t down ASAP because she has no time for Kameron at this reunion.

Honestly, Kameron was boring this season. There, I said it. She’s looking for job security at this reunion. If she comes hard enough at Tiffany, she might go further in securing her job. She’s coming in hot at this reunion, but it feels so out of place.

The Girl With The Cricket Laced Pizza

Kameron Westcott Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Tiffany is checked for the constant correcting of people, and Kameron’s the most offended by it. She asks if anyone else signed up for the Tiffany Moon grammar class. I could see how that’s annoying. Nobody wants to go to a party and be constantly corrected. There’s a time and place fore that. A dinner party isn’t it.

Tiffany says it was never her intention to belittle Kameron. Okay Tiffany posting tweets mocking Kameron’s intelligence is going a little far. So much OOF. Kary defends her hazing of Tiffany by saying it was her way to help her have fun. I think it was just different definitions of fun.

Kameron accuses Tiffany of being three faced because of how she gives different versions of herself to different people. The topic of Kameron’s post comparing eating chicken feet to dog food.

In a strange accusation, Tiffany’s accused of setting Kameron up with the chicken feet. Kameron alleges Tiffany knew she’s a picky eater, so this was a calculated effort. I don’t think it’s that deep. It seemed more like her attempt to add culture to the show and bond with the group.

However right when it appears the topic is shifting, Tiffany stuns everyone. Tiffany says “we’re not finished”, and that’s where it leaves us. Holy f**k. Tiffany Moon is the real deal. She’s not intimidated by any of these women one bit.


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