Tiffany Moon

Tiffany Moon Has An Armed, Off-Duty Police Officer Guarding Her Closet, Which She Says Has $3 Million Worth Of Items

The addition of a new cast member brings a lot of anticipation.  How will they fit into the group?  Who will they bicker with?  And most importantly, is the new house tour.  Even more exciting, is entering the Real Housewives closet.  We get to know a new personality, and a new style.

When Dr. Tiffany Moon joined Real Housewives of Dallas for its fifth season, her closet definitely did not disappoint.  It was, in fact, exquisite.  So exquisite that Tiffany uses a top of the line fingerprint lock to safeguard it all.  But that’s not the extend of all the security she has for her most prized possessions.

Even though Tiffany left the show, the footage of her home is now in the public domain.  Obviously, the closet stash is worth a lot, and should anyone with ill intentions plan an unscheduled visit to her home, Tiffany employed all the precautions possible.  She probably used an Excel spreadsheet to help her.

Tiffany recently joined Heather McDonald for her podcast, the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonaldDuring the interview, Heather meandered through asking Tiffany how much her closet is worth.  Maybe she was embarrassed about the question.  Stephanie Hollman certainly found Tiffany’s bragging a little gauche.

Heather presented the following scenario.  She said, “if something happened and everyone was out of the house, and every pet out of the house, and the house, unfortunately, burned to the ground and you had to meet with your insurance guy, what would you say you lost in shoes, bags and clothes?”

“Well, we do have a very good homeowners insurance policy with a floater for my additional accessories and jewelry” Tiffany replied, “so, I will say roughly $3 million.”


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Tiffany was happy to show off her customized Gucci clutch for the show, but she doesn’t want to see any RHOD fans raiding her closet.

“Please, don’t come rob me,” Tiffany joked, “we have a very good security system and an armed guard.”

An incredulous Heather asked, “you have a real 24-hour armed guard?”

This brings up more questions than answers for us excluded from the 1%.  Does the security guard stand outside the closet like the Queen’s Guard?  Is he patrolling the property all night?  Does he have access to the closet?


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Tiffany only said that, “we hire an off-duty Dallas police officer who’s a real Dallas police officer, who I guess is moonlighting on his off time and we just pay him through our company.”

Personally, I would be most excited to rip up those heated floors to install in my own humble space.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]