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Kameron Westcott Agrees That It Was “Tacky” For Tiffany Moon To Show Items In Her Closet

Real Housewives of Dallas star Kameron Westcott isn’t exactly vibing with newbie Tiffany Moon. Tiffany hosted a traditional Chinese brunch for her RHOD co-stars, and Tiffany ordered the ladies to eat a chicken foot. Kameron pretended to eat one but hid it under the table. She was further traumatized that there was no centerpiece on the table at the restaurant. Oh, the horror!

Kameron threw a 50th birthday pool party for her bestie, Kary Brittingham. Tiffany came, and even had shots. But she also dodged verbal shots from Kameron about her lack of hosting skills and forcing someone to eat a chicken foot. Tiffany doesn’t back down from a fight, and I fear that we will be hearing about chicken feet for weeks.

Kameron said that she started off on a good note with Tiffany but felt that Tiffany’s behavior changed. “She got a little testy with me throughout the season,” Kameron stated. “She got a little bossy, [there was] a problem of talking down to me. I was like, ‘Girl. I’m your friend.’”

RHOD co-stars Stephanie Hollman and D’Andra Simmons visited Tiffany at her luxurious home. After showing off the incredible wine cellar, Tiffany brought the ladies to her closet. Tiffany’s closet is a little different from mine–it has a fingerprint lock. The newbie Housewife showed Stephanie and D’Andra some of her favorite handbags. In her confessional, Stephanie claimed that Tiffany bragging about her handbags was “obnoxious.”


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After that episode aired, Tiffany went on Twitter to slam Stephanie. “LMAO! @stephhollman you asked me for a tour. Damn boo….if that’s how you felt why didn’t you tell me then? #RHOD,” Tiffany wrote.  Then she tweeted, “I GUESS WE CAN BE OBNOXIOUS TOGETHER” along with a kissing face emoji and a link to Stephanie doing a tour of her own closet for the Bravo network. It wasn’t long before a user told Tiffany to step off. “@Bravo asked her to film that. They didn’t ask you!”

“BINGO! #RHOD,” Stephanie wrote. She added a shady GIF of her bestie Brandi Redmond sipping a beverage. Tiffany hit back, tweeting, “They asked to film the closet. You know…. the show we’re on. THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS. Don’t start girl. Just don’t…” Stephanie added, “I’m aware… 5 seasons strong my dear.” She even added a winky face emoji. Boom! Mic Drop.


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During a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Kameron, clad in a bright pink outfit, was one of the guests.  A fan in the virtual audience asked her, “Did you feel like Tiffany was showing off in tonight’s episode when she invited D’Andra and Stephanie over? And did you agree with Stephanie that it was ‘tacky’ for Tiffany to show off her closet?”

“Well, I have to be honest. I love seeing another lady’s closet because I’m a big fashionista,” Kameron explained. “So, I don’t really think it’s tacky to show closets. But I do think it’s tacky to kind of brag with your house and walking people around. I think that is tacky.”


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WWHL host Andy Cohen decided to weigh in on this closet crisis. “It is kind of a hallmark of being a Housewife,” he said.


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