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Dina Manzo Claps Back At Caroline Manzo’s Son Albie Manzo For Commenting After Caroline Publicly Advocated For Dina’s Ex Tommy Manzo Following Violent Burglary Allegations

Even though it’s been several seasons since a member of the Manzo family made an appearance on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, that doesn’t mean that they’re done with the drama. Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo, the sisters who married brothers, are still going head-to-head as part of a years-long feud that’s never slowed down. And while Dina has moved to Malibu and found her inner zen, Caroline’s recent actions are trying to take away her namaste.

Dina’s had quite a tumultuous couple of years after she split from her ex Tommy Manzo. Tommy allegedly hired a member of the Lucchese crime family, who pleaded guilty,  to attack her new husband, David Cantin. But, of course, if you ask the Manzos, they claim to have never even heard of the mob, let alone admit having any ties to it. Two years later, Dina and David were victims of a violent home invasion where they were beaten up, zip-tied together and the thieves stole money and jewelry. It’s alleged that Tommy was involved in that home invasion, but he and his lawyer are proclaiming his innocence in both cases. Even though there’s a court order requiring him to stay far away from his ex-wife and her new man.

And Caroline fits into this as she’s taken the side of Albert Manzo’s brother, Tommy. Yes, the one being accused of attacking her own sister. She wrote a letter to advocate for Tommy’s character to help his case. If you thought Ashley Darby was sleazy for writing a statement about Candiace Dillard Bassett to help out Monique Samuels on Real Housewives of Potomac, this is a whole other level of betrayal.

For the first time ever, Dina has been outspoken on social media about her sister not having her back and controlling the narrative about their relationship. And now, thanks to screenshots captured by @LoveAndyC on Twitter, Caroline’s kids are getting involved. Albie Manzo has inserted himself into the narrative. Now that the younger Manzo brothers aren’t tied to BLK water anymore, they obviously have more time on their hands to get involved in the family drama. Don’t they have a car wash strip club to dream up or something?

“Oh, and real quick before anyone gets excited that someone w the last name Manzo posted something so this is your clown ass chance to leave baseless comments like you think you “know” something. I haven’t been silent, I’ve been busy,” Albie wrote. “But I’ve had just about enough of this bullshit and you’ll be hearing from me soon, don’t you worry.”

Who even asked for his input on all of this? But it’s not totally shocking considering those boys will ride or die for Caroline til the end. “In the meantime…Momma Bear, you’re the strongest woman I know. I love and admire you more than you will ever understand,” Albie continued.


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Since Dina’s been on a roll sharing her input anyway, she responded back to Albie’s comment. “Ohhh shocking…going to speak about it on his podcast for the downloads. Unfortunately, this will just be a ‘storyline’ to profit from. What a shame,” she said. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a burn.

Whether you love Dina or hate her, it is hard to watch her own family turn on her after she’s been dealing with a tragic event. And her family drama was used as a major RHONJ storyline for seasons, so she knows how to play the game. While she might not consider Caroline to be a close sister anymore, she still has Teresa Giudice who will love love love her until the end.


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