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Eboni K. Williams Slams Ramona Singer For Evading Conflict; Says Ramona Is “A Professional Runner”

Eboni K. Williams may be the newbie on Real Housewives of New York, but she is bringing it this season. Eboni is the first Black female cast member on RHONY. She is a television host and attorney, and her wit and intelligence are a welcome addition to the show.

Leah McSweeney and Eboni are tight. Surprisingly, Ramona Singer seemed to hit it off with Eboni. Normally, Ramona enjoys hazing new cast members, so this was atypical. “What really surprised me the most was my immediate connection with Eboni,” Ramona said. “It just felt so natural, so right.”

Ramona added, “I think Leah was a little jealous.” Leah dissed Ramona’s bond with Eboni and said, “I just don’t know how capable she is of being that genuine.” Ouch!

During the girls’ trip to Ramona’s house in the Hamptons, Eboni heard Ramona say that she “gets her help wrong.” It would be a plus if Ramona could call her staff by their correct name. Ramona tried to spin it by saying, “I don’t have a staff. I have people who help me.” In the end, Ramona actually apologized after Eboni explained why it was offensive.

During an interview with US Weekly, Eboni discussed her dynamic with Ramona. Eboni explained, “Ramona started to see a lot of herself in me and me in her, which is very hard-nosed business, take no nonsense, very proud of the fact that we are self-made.”

Eboni shared that she and the RHONY “OG” have a lot in common. “I think Ramona was trying to describe is more-so how much we optically have in common. Like, it’s kind of bizarre –Ramona and I are literally the same exact measurements. … We like a lot of the same things in life,” she shared. “We like the same wine, we like the same cocktails, we like the same food.” Maybe Leah is jealous of Eboni and Ramona’s bond. Leah isn’t going to tolerate any of the “Singer Stinger” this season. Period.


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Still, there were some bumps in the road for Ramona and Eboni. Eboni stated, “Ramona is very good at evading.” The attorney said that “it took about five minutes to convince her” to talk about the “help” comment.

“She’s a professional runner, and she really tried to shut that conversation down,” Eboni revealed. “But what she saw when I kind of forced her hand … is it was not in the spirit or intention of canceling her or making her look or even feel bad.” Eboni continued, “It really was from this place of, ‘I want to express how I’m feeling and give you an opportunity to consider that moving forward,’ and she did.”

Eboni witnessed a change in Ramona’s behavior that she feels is positive. “Ramona literally asks and remembers the server’s names now. It might seem small to some people, but I think that’s a big, important step,” Eboni commented. ‘It just says that even at this stage in her life, she’s so successful and has so much notoriety and money, [but] she’s actually not beyond self-improvement.”


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