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Leah McSweeney Called Ramona Singer “Geriatric Regina George” After Ramona Slammed Elyse Slaine

If we did a 2020 year in review, it would pretty much suck. At times we were forced to cling to tiny nuggets of shade just to make it through the day. Thankfully, we have Real Housewives of New York because they definitely get into some… confrontations. Leah McSweeney made her debut last year and she had a breakout season. While not everyone enjoyed Leah, she did have some interesting moments that she probably doesn’t remember.

Leah developed a unique relationship with Ramona Singer. Ramona appeared almost maternal to Leah, until her flying vagina made an impromptu appearance at an event Ramona was hosting. The two verbally battled for most of the season, but Ramona battles with everyone because that’s what Ramona does. Ramona’s reputation precedes her and she isn’t known for being terribly considerate or polite. That’s probably why the nickname Leah gave her is suitable for more than one occasion.

Remember poor Elyse Slaine? That’s okay, no one else does either. Elyse tried, really hard, to become a thing on RHONY – but Ramona wasn’t having it. Elyse managed to show up in many scenes last season, but her presence was like those torchiere floor lamps everyone had in the 90’s. You know it’s there, but you don’t pay much attention to it. Ramona declared Elyse didn’t bring anything to the group and then proceeded to pretend she didn’t exist.

Elyse wasn’t going out without a fight. And thanks to Leah, the fight had a few teeth. After Elyse was dumped by Ramona, people were genuinely curious as to what caused the fallout. Elyse admitted she wasn’t too clear on the reasoning, which probably added to her hurt and confusion over being bumped to the 61st friend in Nowhere Land.


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Elyse made a Cameo for a fan that blew up on social media. But it didn’t get hot because Elyse was so funny, a special guest made a comment that will live in infamy forever. Leah appeared in the Cameo with Elyse, while Ramona’s love life was being discussed. This is a topic that should take .000003 seconds because Ramona has no love life. Ramona has said it’s because she is so rich and part of the 1%. Leah said it’s because she craps herself during sexy times. LOVELY.

Ramona took to social media to vehemently deny these sordid claims and defend her colon. Queens of Bravo shared the memories. Ramona wrote, “There is absolutely no truth to this. These girls are blatantly lying to create fake news in order to try and gain their own fame.” Then Ramona, with what I’m assuming was a straight face, called Elyse and Leah “mean girls”. Ramona, who is never mean to anyone ever said this.


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Then Mona proceeded to accuse Leah and Elyse of bullying. And, that’s probably when a pot and kettle became animated and danced a jig in Ramona’s kitchen. She also alluded the two are poor examples for their children by discussing incontinence and unsavory situations.

Leah then called Ramona a “geriatric Regina George”. She wrote, “Ok geriatric Regina George aka Miss all lives matter don’t worry about the example I set for my daughter. Doesn’t see people or treat people as ‘less than’. Sees every race, religion, sexuality as equal.” I wonder if celebrities will contemplate using proper punctuation in 2021. It would be a gift to us all.


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RHONY is currently filming, so more touching moments like these will hopefully be shared throughout production. Naturally, at some point the conflict will jump over to social media. Fighting in private doesn’t get you any attention. I’m sure Ramona and her sensitive intestines are ready to defend themselves against a sober Leah. As for Elyse, she is gone but she was always kind of forgotten.


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