Leah McSweeney Thinks Ramona Singer’s Intentions Getting To Know Eboni K. Williams Were Not Genuine; Doesn’t Know How Capable Ramona Is Of Being Genuine

It’s the eternal question for Real Housewives of New York viewers, especially since Ramona Singer is an original cast member.  Insert the following query into any questionable Ramona situation and you’ve got the root cause of all her conflict with the rest of the cast; is she or isn’t she being genuine?  Of course one has to consider the fact that Ramona is constantly putting her foot in her mouth.  Then she is forced to give these apologies that no one really believes, but they all just go along with it for the money.

Leah McSweeney was definitely Ramona’s snark target last season.  Ramona wanted Leah to edit her behavior to better fit into the RHONY group, rather than genuinely get to know her.  Leah refused to compromise and instead, gave us memorable moments like the ravioli incident.

Now, with the addition of Eboni K. Williams, it seems that Ramona has a new target.  She’s feeling Eboni out at this point.  Maybe Eboni will fall in line with the matriarchs of the show, but it seems unlikely.  One episode in, and Eboni is already questioning Ramona’s authenticity.

Of course the subject came up when Leah appeared on Watch What Happens Live.  She was asked, “on a scale of 1 to 10, how genuine to you think Ramona’s intentions are with getting to know Eboni and do you feel like Ramona is laying it on a little to thick with how much they’re bonding?”


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“So the most genuine being 10, the least genuine being 1,” Leah replied, “I’d say she’s being…I mean I just don’t know how capable she is of being that genuine.”

Leah continued,”listen at the day of the day, I think Ramona now does respect and really love Eboni, but at first I think she was just totally being full of s–t so I’m just going to give that a 2.”

Ramona definitely made grandiose claims as to how much of a connection she felt with Eboni right off the bat.  It’s hardly believable, and Eboni said as much on the season premiere.  But it’s good to know the outcome between the ladies will be positive.  Until then, let’s enjoy another ride on the Ramona-coaster.


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