Woman Caught In Video With Brandi Redmond’s Husband Bryan Redmond Anonymously Shares Her Story; Says It Was Just A “One Night Thing” But They Kept In Touch

Prior to the season finale of Real Housewives of Dallas, Brandi Redmond had already seemingly announced her exit from the series altogether. Brandi had revealed a pregnancy only one week prior. Still, it seemed like the reason for her exit had more to do with her horribly received antics in season 5. It wasn’t until the finale episodes that viewers learned Brandi’s reasoning may actually have something to do with her husband, Bryan Redmond.

Listen, it’s never good when there are multiple excuses to leave a reality show in the dead of night. In this case, it got darker quick. In March an old (pre-pandemic) cell-phone video leaked showing a man who appeared to be Bryan getting close and personal with a young woman in a club setting.  The video quality wasn’t tops, to say the least. Some speculated that Bryan and the woman smooched. Others thought they saw a drug exchange. The moment was addressed in the Season 5 reunion by Brandi and the other women.

In the reunion discussion the women seemed to call out LeeAnne Locken. Apparently LeeAnne sent Brandi’s daughter, of all people, the video of Bryan with another woman. Of course, LeeAnne denies the accusations. She even came with receipts! And she isn’t the only one! The Instagram account, @therealhousewiveszone recently shared some private DM‘s sent to the @bravoandcocktails account about the woman in question.

The post shared by @therealhousewiveszone was a photo of Brandi and her whole ginger clan. The caption read, “The mystery woman who was caught kissing Bryan Redmond has come forward to give her side of the story and confirmed it was a hookup.” This is getting juicy!

Supposedly the woman wrote, “It’s kind of a wild story but, it’s me,” in a DM to @bravoandcocktails. She apparently sent the DMs from an alt account. They said, “I had to make a fake account. Just because I’m still unsure I want to say anything but I just found this video on Tuesday. So the fact it’s been out this long and no one’s figured out who that woman is, is kinda crazy to me.” Um, you were caught kissing a D-lister’s Z-list husband. Who exactly does she think is running facial recognition software on this video?


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The anonymous woman did clear up one major accusation levied towards Bryan. Her message revealed, “It wasn’t at all a drug deal. I never saw him do drugs, and I never gave any to him. I had a bag over my shoulder and I think I was reaching for my phone lol.” Reaching for your phone? I don’t get the joke.

According to the post, the woman also said she and Bryan’s fling was a “one night thing” and that the “two texted a few times after.” Oof.

It seems like, at the very least, one thing is for sure. Bryan was caught up to SOMETHING on that cell phone video that Brandi isn’t proud of. Is there any hope we get to see this play out in season 6?!


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]