LeeAnne Locken Denies Sending Video Of Bryan Redmond With Another Woman To Brandi Redmond’s Daughter

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 16163 -- Pictured: LeeAnne Locken -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Well, we made it. Season five of Real Housewives of Dallas has finally come to a close. This season still felt like an entire circus gone wrong, despite being one carnie short. This season was the first without former Housewife LeeAnne Locken. Or was it?

Viewers may have noticed in the Part II reunion teaser this week, LeeAnne’s name was dropped. The comments were in regards to the Bryan Redmond cheating rumors being spread all over the internet. ICYMI: A video leaked about a month ago showing either Bryan, or a strong look-alike, kissing a girl in a crowded bar. Not the only cheating rumor floating around those two, either. In any event, the women seem to think LeeAnne is the source of this info getting loose.

LeeAnne was quick to dispel the idea that she had anything to do with bashing Brandi Redmond’s husband. Shocking, given their history. But, against all odds, LeeAnne came to Twitter with the receipts. She shared a screenshot of text messages with Brandi and a caption that said, “I’m done being blamed for shit I not only didn’t do but WOULDN’T do! Someone needs to stop blaming ME for everything! It’s old!” I don’t know about you, but I read that in her exact “they’re just hands” voice.

In the text messages LeeAnne begins the conversation saying, “I am getting a ton of messages about how I am being blamed for sending your child a video. THAT IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!! Why would I ever want to hurt a CHILD?? After my childhood I prefer to protect children and I know you know that deep in your heart!!! Please, I’m gone. I’m happy. Just stop using my name for lies.”
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Brandi replied in a way that immediately let LeeAnne off the hook. She said “Omg. I never said it was u. I know who it was.” She also added. “I never even said your name.” BUT WHO DID IT!??! And am I the only one noticing the fact that no one is saying it’s not even Bryan?
A fan also tweeted a screen shot of the texts between Brandi and LeeAnne. She commented, “You forgot to add the part where you were being the badass friend.” In these LeeAnne says “Thank you. I guess it must be D & S.” Who? Does she suspect D’Andra Simmons and Stephanie Hollman did this? Brandi replied “I said a fan sent her that video. Ppl are reaching.”
Now we get to the good part. LeeAnne reiterates that she would never want to make children hurt. Brandi replies with some hot info. She shared “Thank u. Bryan really messed up and it kills me they saw. It’s been a horrible year for us all.” Say what now? Is that the admission at long last??
The screenshot receipts of LeeAnne’s innocence and Bryan’s possible guilty charge ended with some kindness from LeeAnne. She told Brandi, “I can’t imagine having to deal with that and your children. I’m praying for peace & healing for you all.”
[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]