LeeAnne Locken Doubles Down Denying She Exposed Brandi Redmond’s Husband’s Infidelity; Has More Receipts

LeeAnne Locken Doubles Down Denying She Exposed Brandi Redmond’s Husband’s Infidelity; Has More Receipts

Real Housewives of Dallas opened with Brandi Redmond struggling to navigate fallout from a racist video she made in 2017. On the heels of that clip resurfacing, RHOD introduced the first Asian Housewife on the franchise. Dr. Tiffany Moon attempted to balance her new relationships along with Brandi’s controversy accordingly, but the result was difficult to watch.

Self-produced ignorant videos weren’t Brandi’s only problem. Her husband Bryan Redmond had a viral moment as well. Bryan wasn’t mocking another race but he was allegedly releasing the ginger Kraken on some woman in a bar. Then, according to Brandi, “a fan” sent the salacious moment to Brandi’s daughter. For some reason, LeeAnne Locken’s name was brought up suspecting she both released the video and sent it to Brandi’s kid. LeeAnne has already attempted to exclude herself from this narrative, but not before she has to deny another accusation.

If viewers thought Season 4 was a tone-deaf mess, Season 5 was all, hold my beer. The horror show that was the reunion had nothing on Jason Vorhees, except it was messier than anything ever seen at Camp Crystal Lake. Brandi played the victim of her own stupid decision and people apologized to her because being called out made her feel sad. Brandi also wants an apology from whomever made Bryan’s appearance on budget Dance Fever famous.

LeeAnne left RHOD after she called Kary Brittingham a “chirpy Mexican”, along with other distasteful remarks. Brandi seemed to be HBIC in the Hold LeeAnne Accountable Club and proceeded to eviscerate her on television for being so thoughtless. Brandi previously said, “I feel like ashamed and it’s not OK LeeAnne, it’s not OK. To use that [word Mexican] over and over and over again is racism.” This didn’t age well for you, did it, girl?


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LeeAnne’s name was the first attached in who to blame for putting Bryan’s video on blast. She denied this claim with screenshots of a convo she had with Brandi via text. Meanwhile, LeeAnne isn’t even on the show but I guess Brandi decided to ignore the fact that if Bryan hadn’t been out on the prowl IN PUBLIC, this wouldn’t have happened. After Brandi said the video was also DM’d to her daughter’s private Insta, LeeAnne’s name was brought up again. And once again LeeAnne noped out.

LeeAnne posted a screenshot on Twitter of another Brandi communication. Worth noting, LeeAnne holds a degree from the University of Cover Your Ass. The text shows LeeAnne writing to Brandi, “Okay to clarify (after more messages), I had NOTHING to do with the video!! Please tell me you know that!” Brandi responds, “Yes. I’m sorry.”


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It could be that Brandi’s issues are less about LeeAnne and more about technology. Perhaps instead of sleuthing the internet in an effort to uncover the dastardly villain who released the video, she should address the villain that cheated on her? After what transpired this season, it seems all bets are off. Brandi’s marriage might not be in the best place, but her deflection game has been unbeatable. As for LeeAnne, she just wants butter for her popcorn while the drama unfolds.


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