Captain Sandy Yawn Shades Captain Lee Rosbach For How He Reprimanded Delores Last Season On Below Deck

Once the Below Deck Franchise expanded into three separate show, it was inevitable to start comparing and contrasting the crew, especially the captains.  Below Deck still has its original Captain Lee Rosbach, the one that set the tone for the entire series.  Below Deck Mediterranean boasted Captain Sandy Yawn as the first female captain that has a tendency for bad luck in the galley.  The relatively laid back atmosphere on Below Deck Sailing Yacht was a welcome change with the addition of Captain Glenn Shephard.

Ultimately, the captain dictates the environment on board.  And while some captains have actually dealt with the same scenarios, like charter guests with drugs on board,  sometimes one can only speculate about what they would have done in the same situation.

Andy Cohen had Sandy on Watch What Happens Live recently to discuss mishaps of charters past.  Specifically, the drunken antics of Delores, the charter guest that Captain Lee had the pleasure of dealing with last season on Below Deck.   Delores got completely wasted and jumped into the ocean for a midnight dip.  She refused to come out when asked politely by the crew.  Captain Lee had to shout and shame her out of the water, then confined her to her cabin for the night before cutting the charter short.

Andy asked Sandy, “what was your reaction to Captain Lee flipping out at that drunk charter guests who got in the water late at night.  I’m curious if you saw that and what your reaction was?”

The real question should be, what does maritime law dictate about tipsy night swimming.  What about pragmatic judgement?  A lot could have happened when mixing alcohol and the ocean.  But of course, Sandy had a strong opinion about the matter.


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Sandy replied, “you know, I wasn’t there.  But I would never talk to a guest like that.  I’d shine the light on them and say would you please come in.  And I would send my crew in the water to be with them to make sure they had fun.  Because at the end of the day, people swim at night.  And they jump in the water when they’re drunk.  That’s yachting, that’s chartering.  I think I would have handled it a bit differently”.

That’s typical Sandy, ready to throw her crew under the bus to “keep the charter guests happy.”  Why send exhausted crew into the water to babysit an outrageous guest?  It’s a safety issue for them as well.  But Sandy has no problem with stretching her crew thin for the sake of a perfect charter.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]