Crystal Kung Minkoff Says She’s Never Changed Her Face With Surgery Or Injections

Another reason for Sutton Stracke to be jealous of Crystal Kung Minkoff? The ladies of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are known to compare everything in their lives.  And whether its shoes, purses, clothes, or plastic surgery, these Real Housewives always look their best.  How do they do it?  Well of course, it’s having access to the best money can buy.  But sometimes a little luck in the genetic department can go a long way.

Crystal is the newbie on RHOBH, so she will be asked to fess up to any nip tucks.  Then, of course, there’s fillers and botox.  There’s no shame in getting work done in Beverly Hills dahling, but if you look fabulous by your own merit that’s the ultimate accomplishment.      

And Crystal can claim that prize.  She recently told Us Weekly that she’s, “never done anything to my face.”  Not a single needle, stitch, or tweak.

Fans were incredulous about her answer as she took questions during an Instagram Stories session last week.  The 38 year old replied on many topics including parenting, cooking, and of course, plastic surgery.

Crystal was asked if she had her lips augmented.  She responded, “my whole family has giant lips.  And on this topic, I’ve never done anything to my face. I barely get facials. It’s mostly cus I’m lazy.”  She also denied using Botox, but is, “all for it if you want it.”

So how does Crystal keep her skin so flawless?  She credits, “tons of sunscreen” and a “pretty simple” skincare routine.   “My skin issue is melasma so I do my best to stay out of the sun,” she continued.


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Recently, another RHOBH housewife spent a lot of energy denying her rumored cosmetic surgery.  Dorit Kemsley even had plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei confirm that there was, “zero f–king chance” the mom of two got a nose job.  Dr. Talei cited “a vein on top” of her nose as the proof.  Had Dorit gotten a nose job, the vein, “would be engorged as hell.”  The nose is, “a little asymmetric, as it’s supposed to be, were it natural,” Dr. Talei concluded.  If there was ever a poster child for NOT needing rhinoplasty, it would be Dorit.

And we may not be coveting her “ugly leather pants,” but Crystal certainly has a complexion and facial structure worth being jealous over.  Her face is also doing wonders at triggering Sutton and providing RHOBH viewers with copious amounts of entertainment fodder.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]