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Report: Crystal Kung Minkoff Joining Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills For Season 11

It looks like Kyle Richard’s new victim future BFF might have been revealed! As you know, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has available job openings. Kyle’s sister Kathy Hilton could show up as a friend. Some may think this is a feather in Kyle’s cap, but she tends to have contentious relationships with her siblings. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kathy brings some sparks. Poor Brandi Glanville remains tethered to her phone, waiting for the call that will probably never come, as usual.

Lots of viewers want Sutton Stracke to return as a fulltime cast member, which would be great. Unfortunately, her ex doesn’t want their kids to be filmed and that presents a problem. So we still have two slots to fill before production begins. Well, it appears part of our wait might be over. Word on the street is, Crystal Kung Minkoff has decided to volunteer as tribute for the Beverly Hills version of the Hunger Games. I hope she’s ready to play.

The time has come to select the next person who will have to go toe to toe with Lisa Rinna. No one really wants the job (except for Brandi, she’ll take any job), but someone has to do it. New cast members should really get a gift basket. Perhaps Rinna can ease the sting of her future finger pointing by supplying freshmen ladies with lip products by Rinna Beauty. I’m sure Kyle has plenty of The Agency baseball caps to contribute. If she’s feeling super generous, she could throw in a Caftan by Kyle, Aleen, and Possibly Shahida.

After Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave was #firedbybravo, she will keep busy with her new baby and business of feeding people one blade of grass with a side of despair for dressing. Denise Richards cut and ran after being put on blast for maybe having a drunken encounter with Brandi. Unfortunately the whole storyline kind of blew up because fans weren’t clutching their pearls over two consenting adults having sex. Nice try though. Denise took her distressed jeans and her looks of confusion and peaced out.


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Now we’re being introduced to the possible new kid on the block. According to Realhousewivesfranchise on Instagram, Crystal Kung Minkoff is going to be our new best friend. But uh-oh, Crystal is young and pretty. She has two kids and a very successful husband. Crystal, you in danger, girl! Here’s the thing about Crystal, she owns her own company.

She founded RealCoco, which is a business that specializes in coconut water, coffee creamer and chips. Hopefully not 500 calorie a day diets though. Crystal’s husband is Rob Minkoff. You might know Rob, and if you don’t then any child in your near vicinity does. Rob directed a little old flick called, The Lion King. He works for Disney and has quite the established career.


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IMDb reports Crystal is also an actress. Oh Jesus, here we go with Kyle and her trips down memory lane, reflecting on her career as a master thespian. Where is Michael Myers when you need him? Crystal has also taken on the role of assistant director when working with her husband. Let’s all join hands and have a moment of silence for her sanity. What Crystal has going for her is the fact that she is a 76th-generation descendant of Confucius. Ah yes, “Do not do unto others what you do not want done to yourself” is Confucius’ Golden Rule. That shit will legit send Rinna into a tailspin because she practices the exact opposite discipline.

It remains to be seen who else will come on board. Erika Jayne might be throwing jazz hands and leaving the show, so the casting drama is far from over. In the interim, let’s send good vibes to Crystal and her family. And let’s hope she’s bringing some Karma to Beverly Hills.


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