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Shahs Of Sunset Star Destiney Rose Sides With Sutton Stracke In The Midst Of Drama With Crystal Kung Minkoff

We are about halfway through season 9 of Shahs of Sunset. This chaotic group is serving it up once again. Per usual, Reza Farahan is creating rifts left and right, trying to distract from his own issues. Meanwhile, Mike Shouhed is keeping his misogynistic tendencies center stage. I’m still chilled thinking about his silencing Paulina Ben-Cohen anytime emotions run high on camera. Control issues much?

Earlier this season Destiney Rose made it well known that she would not be putting up with any of Mike’s tomfoolery. She was quick to kick him out of her dinner party when his behavior started to ramp up. For some reason, this upset Golnesa Gharachedaghi who actually asked Destiney “who cares” if Mike cheats on his girlfriend. Really!? I thought GG was trying to stand for some sort of justice lately. This was a miss.

Destiney was a recent guest on Watch What Happens Live where she was asked to give her valuable insight into Shahs and many other Bravo shows. Andy Cohen even asked Destiney about the never-ending Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff drama on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Andy asked Destiney, “Do you agree with Crystal that Sutton violated her by walking in on her naked to return her coat?” He added a layer with a follow up question. He also asked, “If a member of your crew did this on a trip, would you feel the same as Crystal?” To be honest, I don’t get the question. Are we really asking a total random from another show if someone in a really vulnerable (re: naked in a house with hyper-new friends) position is allowed to feel any type of way? Doesn’t seem relevant.

In any event, Destiney gave her answer. She quipped, “Okay, PS, they have, many times, okay? And, on top of that, like, Crystal for sure is feeling some type of way because her and Sutton already have issues.” Ding ding ding! Andy seemed to agree with that too. He replied quickly, “Right, right, right.”


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Destiney continued her response saying, “So, anything that Sutton does, Crystal is gonna feeling something, but, they’re girls. They’re in a house. Like, no one is trying to harm you. It’s just tits out. Whatever.” Andy seemed to like that response as well. He echoed Destiney saying, “Tits out!”

Eh. To me it seems like a double standard. Crystal is allowed to feel however she wants whenever she wants, but especially when she’s naked and a new acquaintance walks in making a weird off-hand comment. Was Sutton trying to cause harm? Definitely not. Did she though? Yes. Why is that so confusing to everyone? People don’t have to be okay with being walked in on naked. Fun fact: Crystal is allowed to feel like her privacy was violated, even if it was on accident, and that can just be the end of it.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]