Karen Huger Says She And Wendy Osefo Became Closer After Gizelle Bryant Shared Rumors About Wendy’s Husband

Season six of Real Housewives of Potomac is upon us at long last. Is everyone as excited as I am!? Last season really had it all. There was the physical altercation between Candiace Dillard Bassett and Monique Samuels. Then we had the introduction of Dr. Wendy Osefo with her academic and professional prowess. Hell, there was even a pet bird centric character arc. What more could we ask for?

After becoming a housewife, Wendy’s name has been thrown around in these streets more than a little. Most recently her husband, Eddie Osefo, was not only accused of cheating, but fathering a baby with a co-worker! Looks we have at least one juicy storyline coming our way!

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight Karen Huger gave insight into how Wendy and Eddie’s cheating rumor would affect cast dynamics on screen. In case you forgot, the season five reunion ended with Karen, Ashley Darby and Monique on one side of the proverbial fence. Candiace, Wendy, and Gizelle Bryant were on the other. Robyn Dixon was probably out crafting a useless storyline somewhere.

It’s being reported that Karen is now calling Wendy her “good friend” despite being “unimpressed” with her last year! Miracles do happen! Even more shocking? This match up came as a result of Gizelle’s meddling. Karen shared, “You know what? I will say that Wendy and I impressed each other because what we did as grown women is we took out the negative person who didn’t want us to get closer and we dared to take a look at one another and we grew from that.”

So what exactly did Giz do to get these two ladies together? Karen still claims that Gizelle brought the rumors about Eddie’s cheating to the forefront.


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“I personally don’t get into spreading rumors,” Karen boasted. Karen also said, “I’m friends with Wendy. I support she and her husband, Eddie. And Wendy and I, by the way, have grown — I’ll tease you with that — tremendously, this season.” Damn. Karen brought her own friend Mia Thornton and turned Wendy? This is about to be a wild ride.

Karen continued, “So the respect that I have for [Wendy and Eddie’s] marriage and family would be one that says, if Wendy came to me and said, ‘I had a problem,’ I had a problem. I’m not one that reads blogs and makes it TV. I got enough TV right here.” Yea Karen, we all saw that dusty tube TV in your house during season one. We know you have *plenty* of TV. <

“I think she does good at representing a woman, a Black woman in particular, that loves her husband,” Karen added. Karen also admitted that this was their first opportunity to bond one-on-one since Wendy has joined the friend group! It’s no surprised they were able to connect over spousal commitment. Karen goes hard for her Black Bill Gates!


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Karen also took this interview as an opportunity to gather Gizelle all the way up! She said, “And how dare [Gizelle] keep coming for our husbands when you don’t have one for us to return serve to. I’m just saying, don’t touch anything that you don’t bring to the table. How about that?”


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