Mia Thornton Explains Meeting Her Husband At A Strip Club

Did any of you ever watch that show Age Gap Love on Netflix? It was harrowing. These weren’t your everyday widow-and-orphan money for a hearty glam-squad kind of romances either. It was the real thing. Watching this show was a giant exercise in “why?” There’s just something universally cringe about watching old people mack on a generation that came about 3-4 decades after them.

After only just recovering from the step-grandpappy marriage depicted on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, now we have a 30-to-36-year-old step grandma on Real Housewives of Potomac. How is this a recurring theme? Mia Thornton just gave us our answer.

The new RHOP Housewife recently gave more details on her love-story with Gordon Thornton. After the most recent episode of Potomac, viewers know Gordon and Mia met while Mia worked at a strip club. On the show, Gordon made it clear that Mia was merely a waitress at this establishment. In an interview with E! News Mia told us more about how the stars aligned for these two.

“The reason why we became friends is because we partnered and served on the same board for a non-profit organization to raise money for Haiti,” Mia shared. “We were raising money for the cause. One of the ladies, one of the original founders of the organization, she worked there—not as an entertainer, but in the admin office and so she did use the facility in order to raise money. They serve steak dinners and then the proceeds went to the organization.” And that’s the story of Mia and Gordon’s love, apparently.

Mia and Gordon met in 2003. Since, they have had two of their own children, and yup, you know it, grandchildren! Mia shared in her interview, “Gordon is 32 years older than I and we do have grandbabies. We have four beautiful grandbabies.”


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Mia explained that two of her “grand babies” are “adults moving into the college world, and two are in grade school. Of course I feel like the two younger ones are actually my birth grandchildren because I actually helped name them. I was there to be a part of their birth and things like that, but it’s been great. We have such a blended family. His kids are phenomenal. His daughter calls me for advice, so it’s just really great. It’s just natural.”

Not everyone is as convinced as Mia had hoped, though. Specifically, Wendy Osefo is calling out all the cracks in Mia’s various stories. Wendy is primed to disbelieve Mia from here on out because Mia, during one of their first sit down conversations, blatantly forgot her own age. Wendy called it all out in a tweet saying, “First you don’t know your age, then within 24hours you go from her having a “good heart” to “just a pretty face”, then you say you’re a bartender when we all know you’re a stripper. So many lies… but go off sis.”


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Wendy was sure to clarify later that she was NOT shaming Mia for being a stripper in any sense. Rather she was shaming her for being a liar. She said, “No one shamed you for being a stripper. I’m calling you out for being a liar.” Big difference. It looks like only time (and several internet sleuths) will tell if Mia is the real deal.


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