Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne Shares Cartoon Of Herself On Cross With Reference To Orphans And Widows; Says She’s A “Scapegoat”

The premier of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blessed us this week and it was great to see some not so familiar faces again. The orientation episode relied heavily on flashbacks and Lisa Rinna’s suit, carefully crafted from Blanche Devereaux’s wallpaper. Let’s be transparent, most of the viewing audience is watching because of Erika Jayne. Erika is a walking scandal right now and some of her ordeal was captured during production.

Accusations are flying, Erika’s estranged husband is… somewhere, but you wouldn’t know the gravity of the situation from her social media activity. While former clients of Tom Girardi are fighting to pay rent, Erika has been sharing racy lingerie photos and revealing bathing suit shots. Erika appears to be far from humble and at the most, inconvenienced by complaints lodged against Big Tommy. That general mindset continues and Erika has overshared once again, but this time she’s giving herself the martyr edit.

Things rapidly went downhill for Erika once she initiated divorce proceedings. Tom allegedly took money from major clients who were already suffering to fund his and Erika’s “lavish lifestyle”. Then we started hearing about the victims. Widows, orphans, burn victims, parents of autistic kids, and many others. Their stories were difficult to comprehend and Erika remained silent on the issue. Despite her world seemingly crumbling, Erika managed to maintain an interesting social media presence.

Lots of skin pics. Latex, whips, and big hair. Horrible stories would emerge almost daily and Erika seemed to remain quite unbothered. It was her lack of empathy or any semblance of humility that struck people the wrong way. Now that RHOBH is up and running, viewers are seeing an angry Erika. An Erika who claims she had no knowledge of her husband’s illegal activities, but there’s evidence to the contrary. An Erika who dares anyone not to stand by her side. Cue the next inappropriate Instagram post, everybody.


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Yesterday, Erika shared a caricature of herself made by a follower. Erika is seen in cartoon form posed on a cross like, well, Jesus. The original caption read, “This season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… The Crucifixion of Erika Jayne!” In her own caption, Erika wrote, “Scapegoat”. Oh honey, read the room. St. Erika of the Sculpted Eyebrows is upon us, she is risen. But something is nagging at me, what could it be…

Hey Erika, this you? ‘Twas not so long ago, in a time that lingers despite our desperate attempts to forget. Erika found herself at the infamous 9th RHOBH reunion. Known to many as The Season Who Must Not Be Named, the dénouement was Lisa Vanderpump’s sudden departure from the franchise. While Lisa was never accused of stealing money from burn victims, she spent the majority of the season rallying against accusations she claimed were false. Lisa ultimately left the show and ditched the reunion.


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Erika was bedazzled and resplendent in couture she has since sold on eBay, when Andy Cohen read a statement LVP made regarding her perceived treatment from the cast. Erika rolled her eyes and said, “Get off the cross. We need the wood.” Guess the pink Louboutin is on the other foot now, huh? Erika’s journey is far from over, and it’s difficult to tell if Erika noticed the depicture she shared was not flattering in nature. The “widows” and “orphans” earrings are really a nice touch. Denial is Erika’s story and she’s sticking to it, and it looks like she took the wood for herself.


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