Leah McSweeney Says Rihanna Didn’t “Drag” Ramona And Rihanna Was Just “Teasing” Her On Social Media

The Real Housewives of New York is having a moment. And it’s not exactly a good one. The current season is a bit of a dud, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, a smaller group of women and, if you ask Jill Zarin, the lack of marriages on the show. There are rumors that a cast shakeup is imminent, with fans having a lot of feelings about who should stay and who should go. But when rumors arose that OG Ramona Singer was getting the boot, the internet lost its collective mind. While Mona says the rumors aren’t true, who knows if she’s really safe. Maybe that’s why she accidentally ate dog food — the stress was getting to her.

Music and makeup mogul Rihanna single-handedly saved RHONY last week with an internet-breaking post. She posted a clip from the show where Leah McSweeney name-dropped her and poked fun at the Ramonacoaster a bit in the caption. Honestly, it was the boost Leah needed as her reputation takes a serious nose dive among fans of the show. However, who knows if an endorsement from Rihanna is enough to save Leah’s apple at this point.

Instagram account @commentsbybravo captured Ramona and Leah’s reaction to Rihanna’s iconic RHONY post. It started with Ramona reposting the clip on her page with some light-hearted emojis. Writer Evan Ross Katz tried to come for Ramona, commenting “you know she’s dragging you, right?” Clearly not, but Ramona’s probably just happy that a major celeb is mentioning her name on her page amidst the firing rumors. That’s even better than an endorsement from Luann de Lesseps or Lisa Rinna.

Ramona wrote back, “I am not her demographic…well aware of what she is saying we fight & make up @leahmob.” OK so clearly Ramona didn’t get that the comment was in reference to Rihanna, but is anyone really surprised? Even Leah chimed in to back Mona up, which is a rarity these days. “She’s not dragging you she’s playfully teasing,” Leah wrote.


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Another fan in the comments tried to come from Ramona writing, “aw you didn’t get it.” Ramona kept it simple, responding “yes I do.” And that’s on that. Like why are people trying to come for the woman who accidentally leaked her bank statement on Instagram? Rinna responded in the comments of the entire post, declaring Ramona a “natural treasure.” That’s definitely one way to describe her.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]