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Real Housewives Of New York Star Ramona Singer Ate Dog Food

Ramona Singer is a gem of a housewife.  Bravo couldn’t have anticipated just how good their casting was when she was hired for the premiere of Real Housewives of New York.  Ramona has entertained us for thirteen seasons with her quirkiness and complete lack of self-awareness.  Longtime friends Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, and Dorinda Medley just accept Ramona for who she is, and side-step the Singer stinger moments.  Season 13 newbie Eboni K. Williams has managed to wrangle Ramona in on several occasions in a most magnificent way.  But Ramona will always be….Ramona.

Her crazy moments are many.  How about that Season 3 catwalk?  Or her “Wow Bethenny [Frankel]” confrontation?  Then there was a disastrous speech for the New York Loves Kids event when she couldn’t pronounce her host’s name.  So we know that Ramona often puts her foot in her mouth.  But dog food?

Yes.  Ramona was on Instagram stories to admit to the nauseating faux-pas.  One that will have to be added to her list of outrageous moments.  So how did it happen?  Was it intentional?  Was it accidental?

Bravo by Betches captured the video from Ramona’s Instagram stories.  She is wearing a white sweatshirt, and her hair is down.  Basically a minimal glam look.  Ramona is in her home and took the initiative to make the impromptu film after ingesting the pet food.  Some might ask why.  It’s certainly a TMI moment, but it’s Ramona we’re talking about here.

“That can’t be good for her stomach issues,” Bravo by Betches  captioned the postRamona is holding a measuring cup of what is clearly dog food.  She said, “my girlfriend likes to cook.  So, this was on the cutting board when I came home and I thought it was pistachios, so I ate some.  Guess what?  It’s dog food.  I ate dog food.”


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What is shown in the measuring cup is clearly not pistachios.  Or any kind of nut for that matter.  There’s no way to explain why anyone would mistake it for a serving of mixed nuts except that it’s Ramona we’re talking about.  Maybe she would blame the mistake on her vertigo.  Or PTSD.  Though she is taking it in good stride and laughing at herself, perhaps she may be down one girlfriend now.

None of her RHONY costars reacted but former Below Deck Mediterranean deck hand Rhylee Gerber chimed in.  She recently lost her beloved pitbull and knows a thing or two about dog food.  “She’s f–king oblivious,” Rhylee wrote.

That’s our Ramona.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]