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Real Housewives Of New York Reunion Reportedly On Hold Due To Bad Ratings And Potential Cast Shake-Up

Okay, what in the actual hell is happening on Real Housewives of New York? The ratings have fallen faster than Luann de Lesseps’ last marriage, and that’s saying something because she was Mrs. D ‘Agostino for approximately 5 minutes. Eboni K. Williams was highly touted as the new woman on the scene and the first Black cast member, which was supposed to be a compliment to diversity but wound up being an exercise in failure.

Leah McSweeney has been riding the wave of the sophomore curse and may or may not be sinking the boat. The jury is still out on whether or not Leah is an asset or just a complete ass as she navigates a fine line between being woke and plain annoying. Now we’re hearing Ramona Singer is fired, which made Bethenny Frankel smile for the first time in 15 years. Today we receive news that the reunion is on hold, Andy Cohen is having a freak out, and something in the milk definitely ain’t clean in New York.

While Ramona has been busy with an undiagnosed intestinal disorder, Leah has been busy calling everyone old and complimenting herself for still having a monthly period. An enormous number of fans believe Leah trashed the show and now she’s trying to spin the press.

Ramona historically won’t discuss anything she’s not comfortable with and she hasn’t been comfortable talking about subjects that don’t directly involve macramé dresses or someone else’s drinking problem. What she will do is walk away and the streets are saying she walked away from the RHONY reunion, so now EVERYTHING is on hold. According to the Daily Mail, the cast has been advised the reunion, originally scheduled to be filmed in August, has been delayed until September. Filming of the new season won’t happen until early 2022 instead of beginning production in late 2021.

An insider said, “All hell is breaking loose behind the scenes at the Real Housewives of New York“. The source also shared, “The cast is completely divided and the women are not getting along with each other. Eboni K. Williams went to war against her cast mates – particularly Ramona and Luann and the audience is switching off week after week”. In other words, fans don’t want to be lectured and Ramona and Luann don’t want to be targeted as having views that could lean towards being racially insensitive.


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The insider added, “It’s not what our show is, but week after week, scene after scene, everyone is being schooled by a former Fox News host“. With Eboni, viewers either like her or don’t, there is no in-between. Sonja Morgan is staying waaaaay under the radar because she is smart. Everyone else, not smart. Reportedly, Eboni is “demanding” Mona be demoted to a friend and Lu is basically a nervous wreck. There are also numerous murmurings of someone leaking stories in an effort to get their sister on the show the audience in a froth and find those lost ratings.

It’s difficult to believe Ramona would be axed mid-season. Another source revealed, “This story is complete rubbish”. They explained, “One housewife in particular has it out for Ramona and she wants her off the show”. As in, send anon info to a gossip site that doesn’t fact check and will absolutely publish items with no confirmation. The insider summed it up with, “Housewives fans know what the problem is, and this year it isn’t Ramona Singer”.


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Eboni fans, check on your girl because she might not want to return after this. Leah fan, your feisty spitfire has been working extra hard this season to maintain her apple. Ramona fans, stay frosty. Mona might not have complete control of her bowels, but the Singer Stinger isn’t out of the game yet. In other news, Jill Zarin has not taken a break from the internet in 24 hours.


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