Rihanna Drops Erika Jayne From Savage x Fenty Modeling Gig

As the news of Erika Jayne’s divorce is only now breaking on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the fallout from her decision is playing out in real time July 2021.  She left Tom Girardi’s mansion and downsized her life in many ways.  The reason for Erika’s secrecy and haste is now clear, and lawyers are dissecting her every word on RHOBH for indication that she knew about Tom’s alleged involvement embezzling from crash victims.

Erika is suffering another setback in a challenging year.  If it wasn’t bad enough to be seen out and about without the benefits of a glam squad, and for being under legal scrutiny for the alleged wrong-doings of your former spouse, Erika was also dumped as a model for Rihanna’s Fenty brand.

The Sun reported that Erika was dropped as a model for the brand after a six-month contract expired in May.  Sources cited her legal issues and the allegation that she and Tom,”stole millions from plane crash victims,” as the reason to end the collaboration.

Rihanna’s team initially reached out to Erika to be an ambassador for the brand and signed her for a six-month contract.  Erika’s stage persona was the perfect look for Fenty a source revealed.  “It’s no secret Rihanna is a huge fan of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and loved Erika Jayne,” the source said.  Her team called her to be an ambassador last year and she appeared in their second fashion show, they were thrilled to have her on board.”

Erika certainly rocked the lingerie.  Unfortunately, an embezzlement scandal is not so appealing a look.  The Sun quoted reported that, “amid the scandal, they have no current plans to work with her, there have been discussions and at the minute they think it’s a bad look.  Erika is under fire right now, it’s unlikely she’ll be paid for promoting Savage x Fenty anytime soon.”


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Pre-scandal, Erika was the perfect fit for the brand.  Her personality, her following.  Indeed, the source opined, “it’s a shame because her shoots were absolutely stunning, and she was able to reach a large audience, but it’s not happening.”

Erika has her own narrative about parting ways with Fenty.  A source representing Erika said the brand was “very happy” with her work but simply were not looking to extend the collaboration past the six months.  The source also cited a conflict of interest saying, “the campaign shots were well received, but Erika is set to launch her own lingerie line, so she wouldn’t be able to sign anything.  For obvious reasons, the line is on hold at the moment, but it’s definitely coming and she’s excited about it.”


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Social media is the best proof of anything these days.  If there was any better indicator that Erika and Savage x Fenty were parting ways consider that she had not made any posts tagging the brand since January 22.  She posed in a red lace ensemble in honor of Valentine’s Day.  The only other visible interaction was a photo shoot for the brand in April.

This collaboration had such a promising start.  Erika described her reaction to being asked to walk in the Fenty show.  She said, “I did not hesitate for one second. The entire experience was so cool.”  “Rihanna is a real visionary,” Erika continued, “I was so excited every day to wake up and do this project. It’s just decadent and fabulous, and I love that.”

Erika walked in the show last year and it was a triumph.  Her most memorable look included a black silk robe, caged underwear, and a leather choker.  A look she described as, “S&M chic.  Dark, lovely, and decadent.  The look had so much personality so it was a fun character.”


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Erika walked with the likes of Bella Hadid, Paris Hilton, Demi Moore, and Irina Shayk.  She raved about the experience.  And the outfits.  “If I was ever going to wear something like that, it would have to be the Savage x Fenty show, come on!” Erika gushed.

Now, with all that in the past, Erika is left to face her unknown future.  She celebrated her 50th birthday over the weekend, but it was not without strife.  An insider said, “she could never have imagined her life would be such a nightmare at the big 5-0!”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]