Luann de Lesseps “Can’t Imagine Real Housewives Of New York Without Ramona Singer” Amid Ramona Firing Rumors

Season 13 of Real Housewives of New York has fallen flat compared to its heyday. RHONY always delivered an entertaining season, so naturally fans are disappointed. Eboni K. Williams joined the cast as the first Black Housewife for the franchise. She has been trying to educate the ladies about racial issues, but it’s been a slog for Eboni.

Eboni had to explain why Ramona Singer shouldn’t call her staff “the help.” While Ramona is famous for running away from any dispute, or lecture, Eboni is still speaking her truth. “Frankly, I was not going to tiptoe around these women when it came to any of it,” Eboni stated. “Their comfort is just not my concern.”

Last season’s fan favorite tiki torch tosser, Leah McSweeney, is having a tough time. She stood up for RHONY discussing race. Even Andy Cohen was shocked by the amount of backlash that Leah is getting.

In July of 2021, it was reported that Ramona was axed from the next season of RHONY. It was alleged that Ramona’s salary and refusal to change with the times were the reasons for her ouster. Oof.

Firing Ramona now would be strange timing. She just took part in the Housewives spinoff series airing on Peacock. It features Luann de Lesseps, Teresa Giudice, Kyle Richards, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, and Melissa Gorga. The ladies packed their bathing suits and filmed in Turks & Caicos. With Ramona’s penchant for always nabbing the best room in the house, this is must-watch viewing. There are already rumblings that Kenya and Ramona didn’t hit it off. Duh. Maybe Ramona wanted Kenya’s crab cake?

Luann spoke to People about Ramona’s possible firing. Luann said, “Listen, Ramona’s an O.G.” Luann added, “I can’t imagine Housewives of New York without Ramona. So, I think it’s all of that, just chatter.” Ramona is the only full-time Housewife in the New York franchise to appear in every season since the show premiered. That is quite an accomplishment.


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And there is still drama ahead this season between Ramona and Eboni. Earlier this season, Eboni called out Luann and Ramona for their “white fragility.”  “Well, there’s going to be little bumps in the road before they get to the prize. I call it the Ramona-coaster,” Luann told People. “So, the ride’s not over yet.” But is the ride nearly over for Ramona? @commentsbybravo posted a conversation between Ramona and a fan. The fan asked if Ramona had been fired. Ramona replied, “Nope.”

There are also questions about the future of RHONY. The reunion usually films during August, but it has reportedly been bumped to September. In addition, the next season won’t begin filming until early 2022. It has been rumored that Ramona refused to film the reunion. Is it because she really was fired? Or because she didn’t want to discuss racial topics from the season? Adding more cast members next season would surely help this franchise.


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Eboni denied reports that she demanded that Ramona be let go, and that she was the cause of  RHONY’s falling ratings. @commentsbybravo shared an exchange where Eboni responded to a headline alleging that she demanded that Ramona be let go. And that producers thought she was “sabotaging the show.” Eboni posted, “All lies. Literally every single headline here is a complete untruth.”


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