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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Lessons On Understanding Boundaries

Sutton Stracke’s outburst on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was BONKERS. It’s never nice to leave someone out of the loop, but her reaction was over the top. It proved that Sutton might not be built for a show like this. If she can’t handle something that mundane, how can she handle the big drama? Not everyone is equipped to handle the pitfalls of reality TV, and she might be one of them.

Erika Girardi has never shared that much of her life with the viewers. We’ve rarely gotten a peek behind that curtain of ice. However, the divorce announcement is coming this season. There’s no more hiding the situation from her closest friends. Will Erika be able to handle the pressure like a diamond? Or will the ice queen melt?

Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

It’s extremely creepy that Sutton would enter Crystal Kung Minkoff’s bedroom without permission. Who is she to give herself permission to do that? That’s violating and highly bizarre.

The next morning Erika asks Crystal how she’s doing because she doesn’t like what’s going down. There is an unnecessary amount of heat on Crystal because of Sutton? For what? Sutton’s choosing to target Crystal over literally nothing. It’s her own insecurities fueling this paranoia toward Crystal.

Garcelle Beauvais sort of comes to Sutton’s defense about her outburst. She thinks there’s a lot going on in her life. That doesn’t give you the right to treat others poorly. That’s on her.

Lisa Rinna thinks Sutton is harmless normally, but she believes there’s an underlying issue at play. If Lisa & Garcelle are such good friends with Sutton, they should pull her aside and get to the root of it. Help your friend to stop looking like an ass at every turn on this trip.

Lisa decides to check on Sutton following the aftermath of the previous night. As the host of the trip, that’s a great decision. It’s important to make everyone feel welcomed. Beyond that, just as Sutton’s friend, it’s crucial to figure out what’s triggering her.

Sutton is using some sort of facial roller to calm her anxiety. Whatever works for her I guess! She tells Lisa she’s a little angry because she thought something was going on at the table. Kyle Richards was also left out of the joke. It wasn’t JUST her.

Sutton’s literally ROLLING her face every time she thinks she’s going to cry. This women is in no way equipped for the copious amounts of drama on this show. It’s actually a bit sad to watch.

Lisa no longer wants to get into a situation where it feels like one person is being ganged up on. We have no choice but to appreciate the evolution of Lisa this season. I don’t know where that logic the last two seasons though. Is it too little too late?

Sutton has a list of all the names she was called. All of them are accurate though. If she listens to what people are saying, she might be able to instill change.

Garcelle & Crystal go out on the town away from the house which must feel exhilarating. Garcelle didn’t know the extent of Sutton & Crystal’s initial fight. She was floored when she heard about Sutton’s comments about race. Given the closeness of their friendship, that HAS to hit different.

Kyle wants Sutton to apologize to Crystal, but she’s not having it. She doesn’t want to say sorry if she doesn’t mean it. Then it’ll likely continue to go on and on for a long time and get much worse.

Dorit Kemsley Erika Jayne Lisa Rinna Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The women are going on a boat for the day, and it’s cursed. They’ve never had a boat ride that didn’t end in a major drama. Technically The Bahamas trip was a good boat ride, but it was also the beginning of the end of Lisa Vanderpump on the show.

Garcelle asks Erika if she’s spoken to Tom Girardi at all. Yeah Erika, have you? The divorce announcement is coming soon, so please feed us with a crafted lie.

Erika says they spoke that morning and that he’s at the office. SURE JAN. Erika going on and on about Tom when we know the truth is so cringe. Every lie she tells the women is just making it worse for herself when the truth comes out.

Dorit Kemsley points out that Sutton looks like she’s on the verge of tears. However, it’s Erika who decides to call it out to the group. Putting someone fragile like Sutton on blast like that is a horrible idea. It could make her emotional state even more volatile.

Sutton’s nervous, but she’s ready to speak to Crystal. It’s a much needed conversation to put this to bed once and for all. Sutton’s actively using her facial roller during this conversation. It’s difficult to take anything she’s saying seriously.

Crystal’s completely checked out of this drama with Sutton. She’s simply responding with “OK” to everything being hurled at her. Good for her!

Crystal doesn’t trust being around Sutton anymore. She thinks Sutton’s acting manic. She doesn’t want to deal with crazy people. That doesn’t go over well with Sutton. Calling her crazy was the last thing that was going to squash this. However, can you blame Crystal for thinking that? Just look at the erratic behavior Sutton’s displayed throughout this entire trip.

Sutton says she’s shy and it takes her a while to get to know her. She even considered leaving the trip early because of everything that’s been going on. Sutton echoes Garcelle’s comments from earlier about how she’s going through a lot right now. Settling her home has been the biggest stressor which is causing these emotional outbursts.

Every time Sutton stops mid-sentence to use the calming facial roller, I don’t know what to say. It’s so weird. It also doesn’t even seem to be helping her. Crystal agrees to move forward, BUT she doesn’t think the stuff with her home is a valid excuse.

Garcelle Beauvais Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

It’s the final night of the trip! It hasn’t been the peaceful getaway that some might’ve been expecting!

Garcelle asks everyone in the group if they’ve ever gotten a nose job. What a bold question. However, a lot of the women answer anyway. Nobody believes Dorit about never having one though. Maybe she didn’t! Like Kyle said, you can work wonders with makeup and contouring.

Crystal’s not coming to dinner. She’s not in the right state to attend. Sutton chimes in and apologizes for acting strange the night before. She’s really running with her story about the selling of her home being the cause. Alright. We can choose to believe her I guess. At least she’s tackling these issues head on. Not everyone on this show has always been able to do that.

Is Garcelle ever going to take her foot off of Lisa’s neck? How many times is she going to want her to pay for the Denise Richards drama? She tells a story about how Harry Hamlin had a friend that raped a woman and he couldn’t support him. WAIT WHAT?

IS LISA COMPARING DENISE TO A RAPIST? Those are not at all the same. I was sort of sympathizing with Lisa until she used a story like that to make her point. If Garcelle stays on her the entire season after this, it’s on Lisa.

Lisa also keeps saying that she knew more than everyone else about Denise. However, she won’t ever divulge that information. That’s not sitting well with Garcelle. Pushing the issue with Denise probably wasn’t the right road to take.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Lessons On Understanding Boundaries

Long after dinner, Crystal resurfaces and explains why she went missing. It all has to do with the night before when Sutton returned her coat. When she entered the room, Crystal was completely naked. Sutton made a comment about it looking like Crystal would be doing something weird.

UHHHHHH. Does Sutton not comprehend how invasive that is? Kyle’s confused about why it took over 24 hours for Crystal to bring it up. I get where she’s coming from, but Crystal didn’t want to make more drama about this. There’s only so much more you can take before you totally crack.

Crystal tearfully explains to Sutton about how violated she felt. She found the entire thing creepy and weird. Sutton’s not understanding it. Of course she doesn’t. Ugh.

FOUR DAYS LATER WE GET A MAJOR MOMENT. It’s election day, but that’s not the only major headline that day. The biggest shocker of them all is Erika texting Kyle, Lisa, & Dorit that she’s divorcing Tom! HERE WE GO! They had no warning. Erika had to do it like this. There was no other way. Let the fallout begin.


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