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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Ice Queen Of The Desert

Another episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. You know what that means. We’re in for another episode of Erika Jayne imploding over the barrage of stories about Tom Girardi. Every week there’s a new bombshell being dropped on the group. The more that’s revealed, the worse it looks for Erika. What was she aware of? Did she know any of this alleged theft of client money?

The more Erika reveals to the women, the more questions that arise. You can already see Sutton Stracke start to wonder what’s real or what’s not. Erika claims to be close to most of these women, yet they seem in the dark about everything. Nothing’s making sense. The more she tells the group, the more confusing it gets. She needs to prepare herself. The longer this plays out, the tougher the questions will become. This is far from over.

Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards’ house is a wreck the day after their first night. After Erika went to her hotel, the ladies were buzzing about Erika & Tom. If they think she’s part of a Ponzi scheme, they should come right out and say it. Don’t hold back. If you have questions, ask HER for the answers.

The ladies learn Tom was hospitalized for some serious mystery illness. There’s so much stuff lurking beneath the surface about Erika & Tom. So many lawsuits. So many disturbing rumors.

Dorit Kemsley doesn’t look down on Erika for not sharing everything about her life. However, she does wonder why her friend doesn’t feel comfortable opening up about her struggles. That says everything right there. This is why people find it easy to believe Erika knew more than she’s letting on. If you shut the world out regarding all details of your life, they’re going to question what’s real or not.

The women can’t stop talking about Erika. Hearing that Tom allegedly cheated on Erika is something they can’t really get past. The age of this man makes it somewhat difficult for them to fathom. However, it’s the alleged meanness of Tom that has everyone up in arms. The way he supposedly treated Erika behind closed doors is jarring for her “friends” to hear out. Nobody had a clue what was potentially going on in that household.

I have to say while I’ve yet to hear definitive proof Erika knew anything, last week troubled me. The story about Tom going off the cliff had more holes in it than a slice of Swiss cheese. Was he unconscious or did he call you? Make it make sense.

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Erika was told she and Tom had a house near Kyle’s desert home. Erika tried to ask Tom in the past for the locations of this home, but he wouldn’t give her anything. As far as Erika knows, Tom could’ve been harboring a second family there. What a wild ass revelation that would be! Anything’s possible in this saga. Every episode some sort of insane bombshell is dropped on us by Erika.

Erika not knowing the location of this home was a bit eye opening. It makes it easier to believe she didn’t know about Tom’s alleged wrongdoings. If she doesn’t know what property she owns, why would she know his business dealings? It’s really not that abnormal to be left out of the loop of your partner’s professional moves. However everyone WANTS to hate Erika and nail her to the cross, so that’s what they choose to believe.

These rich bitches have not one clue how to play croquet. You’d expect these wealthy women to have a better understanding of an affluent folk’s game like this. That’s not the case. At the very least though, it serves as a nice distraction for Erika. She’s been bombarded with this Tom drama for months, so any diversion is welcomed.

Garcelle Beauvais’ still not there yet, but when she arrives she won’t be staying at Kyle’s. They speculate if it’s because of the weird place she’s in with Lisa Rinna. Their friendship will likely never be the same again. They might be able to reroute the friendship to a surface level friendly place, but that’s about it. Hell would have to freeze over for Garcelle to fully trust Lisa again. THAT’S MY OPINION.

Garcelle Beauvais Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Garcelle finally shows up to Kyle’s house and is wearing a full hazmat suit. She’s not taking any chances with this women who recently had COVID-19. Can’t say that I blame her!

Crystal Kung Minkoff tells Garcelle how heartbreaking it was to hear everything Erika divulged to the women. What doesn’t make sense to her though is Erika telling the women about Tom’s alleged affair. The last time she spoke to Erika about this, “pat the puss” was clear there was no third party. Where does the truth lie? What’s real and what’s not? The shifting narratives are starting to created a jumbled mess.

Erika’s life has drastically changed over the last year. Living the life she lived came with a lot of perks, but look at how powerless she truly was. She has to relearn everything

Kyle reveals to Erika that Tom sold their home without telling her. What the fuck? Erika needs to make note of all of these alleged lies and money moves by Tom and use it against him. Surely there’s more money at play here than he would like for Erika to believe.

The tough girl persona Erika projects is melting more and more every day. After years of putting on this facade of bad ass energy, the true woman underneath the smoke and mirrors is emerging. It’s a shame it took something like this mess with Tom to peel pack the layers, but it’s nice to see.

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Garcelle, Erika, & Crystal go on a hike through the desert. It looks so peaceful there, and all three of them could use the tranquility that it brings. There’s so much going on in all of their lives. It will definitely do more for them than dropping coins at an overpriced boutique.

Kathy Hilton has the right idea in mind with these trips. She doesn’t have to play dress up like some glam Barbie to fit in. Kathy’s able to act like herself and stand in her own authenticity. The other women could gain a lot by embracing an attitude similar to Kathy’s.

Garcelle’s asking all of the tough questions about Erika & Tom’s marriage. There’s a lot of mystery shrouding Erika’s financial life. She claims she was not privy to any of the finances and didn’t even have access to credit cards. Holy fuck. If these allegations are true, it sounds like the marriage was pure hell behind closed doors.

Garcelle speaks on behalf of the world and asks if Erika divorced Tom because she had a heads up about the lawsuits. BUT NOW WE SAID IT. You can’t ignore the timing of all of this. Sure, the marriage was probably shitty and torture to be involved in. My heart goes out to her for enduring that. However, that also doesn’t mean she was totally unaware that people would be coming after Tom. It’s so confusing and it’s difficult to know what to believe.

Obviously Erika denies any allegation of her divorcing Tom for fraudulent reasons. Erika claims Tom suffering a terrible head injury led to his personality changing. Hearing about the anger Tom allegedly displayed toward Erika over the last few years is disturbing.

Erika believes the things Tom’s accused of only happened as a result of his head injury. She doesn’t think the Tom of the old days would be making decisions like this. It’s all quite tragic. Nobody involved will ever be the same again.

As they’re leaving the hike, Erika reveals to Garcelle & Crystal that Tom calls her every single day. He leaves voicemails about how much he loves and misses her. For legal reasons, she cannot contact him or answer the phone. She must do that to protect herself in all of this. It’s saddening beyond belief.

Kyle Richards Garcelle Beauvais Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika has to be careful before revealing too much to the women about what’s going on. It’s in her best interest to do so, but that won’t sit well with them. Out of nowhere Garcelle to tell the entire group that Tom calls Erika. She feels betrayed and tells Garcelle to “have her fucking moment”.

This is giving me Hong Kong vibes from when she verbally eviscerated my queen Eileen Davidson. I love me some Ashley Abbott, so that was hard to watch. Garcelle probably won’t break down crying like Eileen, but it’s still an unexpected moment.

Garcelle clearly never intended to trigger Erika in this way. She has no idea why this would set her off. What doesn’t make sense to me is why she’d be angry with Garcelle for this. You do understand you’re on a reality show and it’s all being recorded right? You’re wearing a mic. Fucking stop.

Garcelle is handling this situation with grace because Erika is acting like a lunatic. A lot of the women in the room are supposed to be her closest friends. Why wouldn’t she want that bit of information shared with them? Erika’s COMPLETELY falling apart in front of everyone. Garcelle should not beat herself up for this.

Crystal says it’s all a misunderstanding because Garcelle never heard Erika say she didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t know. Sutton doesn’t understand why Erika’s reacting like this. The level of emotional release exhibited by Erika is uncomfortable to watch.


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