Vicki Gunvalson Reportedly Has COVID-19, But Claims It’s Just An “Unknown Cold” After Refusing To Get Vaccinated

Oh Lord — even though Vicki Gunvalson is no longer on the Real Housewives of Orange County, she can’t help but continue to make headlines. She’s currently trying to (and possibly funding) help her fiance Steve Lodge get elected as governor. Because Vicki, the First Lady of California, is such a calming thought (not). And now, just a few days after her son Michael Wolfsmith says his mom was “heartbroken” that he got the COVID-19 vaccination, Vicki allegedly has the Rona. At least you can say her kids try to hold her accountable, but Vicki’s opinion always trumps in her book.

In a story from Daily Mail, a source close to Vicki says that the RHOC OG has Covid-19. But when the news outlet reached out to Vicki by phone, she said she had an “unknown cold.” “You’re not writing a story about an unknown cold I have,” she said, in a “croaky voice,” according to Daily Mail. I pity the reporter on the other line getting a lashing from Vicki.


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Vicki saidshe has a “health exemption” from the vaccine because she has blood clots. She also took a line from Steve’s book, who recently slammed Lisa Vanderpump for enacting COVID-19 protocol at her restaurants, of complaining that her “medical information is not public.” “Whatever happened to privacy? Do you want your medical records all over the internet?” she said. I hate how clearly I can hear Vicki saying this in my head. And it’s giving me flashbacks to the days where she defended Brooks Ayers for not showing any medical records to prove he actually had cancer (when he really didn’t, mind you).

Regardless of whether or not Vicki has coronavirus or just a cold, hopefully, she has a speedy and full recovery. Also, it sounds like Heather Dubrow’s tease of someone “popping up” on a cast trip isn’t actually Vicki like everyone expected. And it sounds like if the rumored mash-up show featuring former housewives is happening, Vicki won’t be attending if the trip requires proof of a COVID-19 vaccine. Tough for her, because it’s clear she’s desperate for a triumphant Bravo return.


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