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Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Glam Goddesses Gone Wild

Ashley Darby

There’s nobody doing it better right now than The Real Housewives of Potomac. Every episode eclipses the previous. This group has out of this world chemistry. It’s great to see them at the top of the food chain in the Housewives universe.

Candiace Dillard Bassett is weirdly obsessed with bringing up Ashley Darby’s breast milk. It was funny maybe the first time. However, now it’s just obsessive and creepy how much she brings it up.

Askale Davis is trapped in the middle of Ashley & Candiace’s war of words. Candiace apologizes to Ashley for calling her a wide bodied ass. That’s progress at least. Ashley feels like Candiace is body shaming her by throwing her looks into it. If you have to resort to insulting someone for their looks, you’ve lost. That’s juvenile behavior.

With the group calmed down, Mia Thornton invites everyone to a “Goddess Lunch”. Karen Huger & Wendy Osefo will both be there, so it’s an opportunity for Gizelle Bryant to make peace. There’s no chance in hell for peace between these women.

Mia tells Gizelle she wants Gizelle to apologize for wishing death on Ray Huger. GIZELLE NEVER WISHED DEATH ON ANYONE. The Grand Dame is reaching for the clouds with this stick up her ass.

Karen feels like Gizelle purposely excluded her from Robyn Dixon’s birthday. Well, yeah? That shouldn’t come as a shock. There was no need to turn a birthday celebration into another round of pointless drama.

Karen records a Surry County tourism video, but it’s in Potomac. That feels fraudulent. She’s also trying too damn hard to make this town of hers into a thing. There’s nothing memorable about it. Karen isn’t some massively popular A-List star. It’s Karen.

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

Gizelle summons all of her children into the bedroom for a deep discussion. It’s crazy how much her girls have grown up over the last six seasons. Time flies!

Gizelle says she doesn’t think marriage is in the cards for her anymore. She never wants to be financially dependent on a men in her life ever again. She doesn’t want it for her daughters either. Gizelle doesn’t want them to have a “power” imbalance in their future relationships. Say what you want about her, but Gizelle is a fantastic mother. She knocks it out of the park in every season with her family.

There’s mountains of tension between Chris Bassett & Candiace. The buildup to the filming of her music video is causing so much drama in their marriage. His lack of involvement in the most stressful time of her life is causing issues between them.

Chris is allegedly working on details for the video, but he seems apathetic. It’s coming across like he’s putting in nearly zero effort into this. However, if he is going to commit to being her manager, some additional effort needs to be implemented.

His feelings are his feelings, but it’s A LOT. Candiace doesn’t want Chris to think she’s negating what he brings to the household. Her focus has been so narrowed on creating a perfect professional life. Her lack of scope in this has caused hers to be less than attentive as a wife or even a client.

Karen Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

During a family fun day outside, Wendy & Eddie Osefo have THE conversation with their children. They’ve been asking questions about police brutality. It has to be incredibly difficult to have conversations about this with young children.

Where do you even begin? The instinct is probably to shelter them, but unfortunately that cannot be down. Their innocence has to be shattered, and it’s unfair and heartbreaking.

I have chills listening to Eddie & Wendy delicately explaining the ins and outs of this to their son. He’s already planning the future and how he can make the world a better place. His innocence is still in tact after all. Hopefully he’s able to make a difference in the world and be a voice like his mother.

Ashley & Karen meet up for a cute little tea conversation. The thing with Karen is how it’s getting annoying how she never shuts up about Gizelle. She makes everything a super hyperbole, and it becomes quite the tall tale.

Karen will no longer offer any apologies to Gizelle. There’s no forward movement between the two. Something has to give. Right now we’re at a stalemate, and nothing is happening. It’s causing friction with everyone in the group. Ashley wants them to come together and learn to laugh once again.

Karen is open to a private moment between her and Gizelle because that’s all that need to get involved. Nobody is willing to make the first move however. As a result, nothing is ever going to be accomplished. These two are destined to fight until the end of time, and that’s that.

Candiace Dillard Bassett Robyn Dixon Real Housewives Of Potomac

Robyn’s meeting with her life coach for a much needed session of guidance. Robyn’s lack of motivation is trickling down into every part of her life. The success of her hat company ended up causing a new string of issues in her life. The fear of failure and lack of trust is creating a pool of toxicity in her life.

The skeletons of her past are causing her present to be stuck in quicksand. Her relationship with Juan Dixon is suffering because of this as well. There’s no forward motion on their wedding because the pandemic has taken a brutal toll on all of their prior progress.

Instead of being put down by Juan, Robyn wants support. She was there for him in the past with his own personal demons. There’s no reason why he cannot return the favor. She might want to rethink committing to a life with this man if he doesn’t.

Everyone looks so gorgeous at the goddess lunch! This entire theme is pure perfection and serenity. Every single women knocked it out of the park. Chef’s kiss!

However don’t let the fabulous looks fool you. Drama is right around the corner. It’s inevitable with this group. They cannot help themselves because that would be boring.

Candiace’s short hair look is EVERYTHING. More of that please! Ashley isn’t invited to the filming of Candiace’s music video. Instead of being nasty about it, they understand not to step on each other’s space. This is progress ish!

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

Mia makes all of the women play a game around the table where they share likes about each other. Ashley likes Candiace’s drive to be successful! Candiace appreciates Ashley walking so firmly in her motherhood journey. This is healing progress! They had to dig deep, but they did it!

Robyn loves Wendy’s passion for her family. Short and sweet. The real kicker is Gizelle being forced to say nice things about Karen. She doesn’t have nothing nice to say because they aren’t in a good place. Are things really that bad between these women because it shouldn’t be this serious?

Gizelle tries to plead her case to Wendy about not talking ill of Eddie. She continues to sit on the stance of having no bad intention by discussing the rumors. The only good part is Wendy agreeing to receive Gizelle’s version of events. It’s a place of healing, so any forward motion is greatly appreciated.

Gizelle says what Karen brought up at the reunion was not new information. According to her, it has no bearing on the dissolution of her relationship with Jamal Bryant. There was no reason to give these women the satisfaction of “winning”. They didn’t win a thing because Gizelle knew everything.

Gizelle knew the rumors prior to the binder. She simply wasn’t going to engage in any of it. Jamal confessed everything to her months before the reunion. Gizelle even admitted to being hurt by Karen. She doesn’t express her feelings often in the group, so this is a milestone breakthrough.

Karen apologizes for doing anything which might’ve hurt Gizelle’s children. Shockingly enough, she even issues an apology to Gizelle herself. Holy shit. I can’t believe we made it to this moment.

Gizelle agrees to wipe the slate clean with Karen. She apologizes for any words that could’ve caused hurt to Karen and her family. They’ve finally agreed to move forward. Hell has frozen over honey because we never saw a truce coming! It’s a new day in Potomac!


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