California Judge That Erika Jayne Accused Of Being Tom Girardi’s Mistress Has Retired

This season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills feels like a lesson in what not to do in a messy legal scandal straight from the book of Erika Jayne. The timing of her divorce from Tom Girardi was already sus. And she’s been throwing cheating allegations, elaborate car crash stories, and more to avoid the real headlines. AKA the fact that Tom allegedly embezzled millions from his clients to fund Erika’s lifestyle. The greatest acting role of Erika’s career isn’t Roxie Hart in “Chicago” — it’s trying to convince the viewers that she’s anything but a wannabe “rich crook.” She’s trying hard, but I refuse to be bamboozled.

Erika’s most egregious actions are arguably embedded in her behavior on social media. The RHOBH star thinks she’s just “trolling,” but it’s not cute. It’s proving her heart is as frozen as Tom’s assets. She’s spending her time bullying Sutton Stracke and arguing with lawyers on Twitter to avoid facing her $25 million lawsuit. And having to pay back a penny of Tom’s alleged $101 million debt receipt.

But back to the cheating of it all. Remember a few months back when Erika “exposed” (AKA doxxed) Justice Tricia A. Bigelow for allegedly sleeping with Tom? She posted “receipts” from what looks to be a 2000s-era flip phone that was supposed to make us feel bad for her or something. If anything, the allegations proved to me even more that Tom and Erika’s marriage was a business deal, not exactly a labor of love. And we must remember Erika exposed the so-called cheating scandal AFTER telling Garcelle Beauvais that no third party was involved in their divorce. Shady, shady.


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Now Radar Online reports that Tricia has retired from her position on the California Second District Court of Appeals. After being doxxed and exposed by a reality TV star, she probably wanted to get the hell out of the situation. Again, let me throw in a hefty ALLEGEDLY here so someone (Erika) doesn’t try to sue us to help pay off her legal bills.

Radar reports that Tricia now works as a private mediator for a new company, so she hasn’t left the legal world entirely. It was opportune timing as Erika is claiming she wants Tom’s mistresses to pay off his massive debt. Because obviously anyone but Erika writing a check is good enough for her. Regardless of where the truth lies in this situation, it is interesting how the massive scandal has trickled down and affected so many lives, from the plane crash victims to a state judge. Now let’s see what Erika has to say about all of this at the reunion. And potentially, eventually, on the witness stand. 


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]