Attorney Jay Edelson Alleges Tom Girardi Attempted To Bribe Him Before Bankruptcy Case; Says We Will See A “Different Erika Jayne” Under Oath

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills used to be a show about rich women who showed off their rich lady stuff. It’s currently about how Erika Jayne is trying to avoid finding herself in front of attorney, Jay Edelson. Between questioning Tom Girardi’s medical diagnosis and deciding whether or not EJ has gone from knee-deep to drowning in this fraud, lawyer Jay is basically the Obi-Wan Kenobi of orphans and widows who continue to suffer because money was stolen from them. This man is working hard, free of charge, for the victims of Lion Air Flight 610 and he’s pissed.

Along with Ronald Richards, special counsel appointed to Tom’s bankruptcy case, Jay and his team are uncovering new info that provides insight on things like Alzheimer’s Disease, losing massive amounts of cash, and illegally transferring money in an effort to conceal assets. Erika is playing the role of her life and she doesn’t have to powder up and slide into latex for this one. Now EJ is being hauled into bankruptcy court and Tom might have accidentally bribed the lead attorney. Karma has cleared her schedule for this one.

Erika is doing some serious Masterpiece Theatre and if she weren’t a potential criminal, she could probably get a long-running gig on the Lifetime network. Unfortunately real people suffered and real victims are involved. Yesterday we learned Erika is being sued for $243k and expensive goodies Tom gave her to stash. Special investigator Ronald sent her a nice invitation to Federal court and according to People, Erika allegedly owes Girardi Keese in excess of… wait for it… $25 million. Attorney Emily D. Baker posted the document on Twitter, you can see it here.

Legal papers filed on Wednesday claim Erika received jewelry and other high-dollar items that were purchased with funds belonging to Girardi Keese. Further, Erika has “refused to return” the money and extravagant “gifts”, instead receiving or diverting them for her “own benefit”. Ronald states, “The Defendants are under an obligation to pay the Plaintiff and the Estate all amounts by which the Defendants have been unjustly enriched in an amount according to proof”.


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Think it can’t get worse – hang in there. Erika might not be the only thespian in the house. Tom’s Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis is being called crap by the plaintiffs. In an article via Newsblock, Jay said, “I didn’t think we were talking to someone who was mentally incapacitated. He was speaking at attorney events just before the lawsuit. There are some on YouTube and then others that were separated where he was the same old Tom. [5 or 10] years ago. So this all sounds like shit to me”. I think I like this guy.

Jay also mentioned that during negotiations with Tom, old boy tried to bribe him. He said, “[Tom] basically told us that he has a very close connection with the judges and that he can win us another million dollars”. Christ! I mean, okay sure I guess Tom could have been having a dementia moment, but it kind of seems like he’s been in the bribing game for quite some time. So if you were wondering if Tom’s medical diagnosis will be challenged in court, the answer is most likely a resounding, DUH.


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As for Erika, she’s about to swipe right on the witness stand because that’s her next date. Jay said, “And that’s where the fun really happens. We’re going to remove some of Tom’s former associates. And we hope to topple Erika too, and Tom, and that’s where the rubber meets the road. She can say what she wants on her reality show, but when she’s under oath, we’ll see a totally different Erika Jayne”. And with that, we have officially reached level 10 on the Bravo scale of fuckery.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]