Mia Thornton Slams Candiace Dillard Bassett For Body Shaming Ashley Darby; Thinks Candiace Is Jealous Of Ashley

Body shaming isn’t cool.  Ever.  Body shaming a new mom is even worse.  There isn’t anything more glorious a body can do than create and birth a child.  But Candiace Dillard Bassett clearly has little appreciation for that.  So she’ll go right ahead and call Ashley Darbywide bodied” over a slight.

What kind of dispute warranted that reaction?  Well, we’re talking about Candiace here, so it wouldn’t take much.  But it all came down to the fallout from Ashley’s conversation with Wendy Osefo regarding the cheating rumors against her husband Eddie Osefo.

Real Housewives of Potomac costar Mia Thornton had a rebuttal for the whole thing.  Indeed, most of the RHOP cast condemned Candiace for her words.  These ladies know a thing or two about how childbirth affects a body.

Well, Mia had a lot to say about Candiace actually, and she took the opportunity to do so during the  Real Housewives of Potomac After Show Urbanbelle reported on Mia’s reaction.  She said, “I think I was just sitting there trying to figure it out. It just didn’t make any sense to me. I don’t care how much hurt or pain this person inflicted on me, wide-bodied to me…you know, we as women have so many insecurities. And those things that we trap inside, they hurt us to the core. We never voice those…like how we feel about our body image.”

Mia expressed shock that one woman would go after another in such a way.  She said, “and for another female that we feel is in our friend group, to say we have a wide body, I thought that was the lowest of the low. I have never heard anything like it.”


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Perhaps there is resentment still from the time that Ashley wrote a character statement in defense of Monique Samuels after Monique and Candiace got into a physical altercation on Season 5.  Ashley and Karen Huger were the only two that supported Monique and both ladies’ relationships with Candiace suffered as a consequence.

As a newbie, Mia doesn’t have the insight that the other RHOP ladies have.  So Karen was included in the After Show to give her opinion on the “disconnect” between Candiace and Ashley.  She said, “I have always known that Candiace, even without being there, has the knack for using her words to cut deep. And I am disappointed to hear that that happened here. But I am glad that I wasn’t there because this has gotta move on. And I don’t even understand what Candiace and Ashley’s disconnect is now.”

Mia chimed in to say she “understand their disconnect.”  Karen replied, “oh absolutely. Candiace is a spoiled brat. And Ashley, she’s minding her own business in her penthouse.”

Though, Candiace’s new digs aren’t too shabby either.  At least she can hold her head high and say she pays for the mortgage.  Candiace can say a lot of things, but an apology likely won’t be one of them.


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