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Candiace Dillard Says She’s Being “Nailed To The Cross” For Body Shaming Ashley Darby; Andy Cohen Takes Issue With Her Apology

Real Housewives of Potomac stars Candiace Dillard and Ashley Darby have been going at it for years now. When Ashley and her husband, Michael Darby, were trying to conceive, Candiace counted every cocktail that Ashley consumed.

During Season 5 of RHOP, Monique Samuels dragged Candiace down on a table by her hair. That shocking event divided the cast. Ashley was the lone cast member who was Team Monique. In fact, Ashley decided to write a letter to the court on Monique’s behalf, which pissed off Candiace.

During this season, shortly after giving birth to her second son, Ashley journeyed to Williamsburg for the day. After speaking with Gizelle Bryant, Ashley sat down with Wendy Osefo. Ashley mentioned the rumor that Wendy’s husband, Eddie Osefo, was cheating.

Candiace was furious that Ashley ignited a major fight, then dipped out with her breast milk. Candiace punished Ashley by excluding her from her video shoot. Something tells me that Ashley wasn’t crying in her Corona.

When Candiace arrived at Robyn Dixon’s birthday dinner, she came in hot. She let Gizelle know that she was unhappy that Wendy and Karen Huger weren’t invited. Then Candiace came for Ashley, and Ashley’s forehead. She called Ashley a hoe and slammed her for bringing her “wide bodied ass” to Williamsburg to cause drama. Ashley just had a baby. Damn, Candiace!

Friend of the Housewives Askale Davis wasn’t a fan of Candiace body-shaming Ashley. The What Else Is Going On podcast’s Instagram account shared a screenshot of Askale defending herself. “I let Candiace know she was wrong & she actually ended up apologizing to Ashley,” Askale wrote. “Now whether or not that makes air is another story.” Those are Bravo editors are tricky.


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Body-shaming is a theme this season, and it is never okay. Wendy debuted her new breasts and new butt and was shaded by Gizelle and Robyn. Candiace did apologize to Ashley for her “wide bodied ass” comment. And that is the only apology that is Ashley is going to get, so she should treasure it.

Candiace appeared on Watch What Happens Live on September 19, 2021, and she didn’t hold back. Host Andy Cohen said, “We got this a lot for you. Why is it appropriate to body shame women, let alone one that just gave birth?”

Andy added that a fan remarked, “Calling a woman that’s breastfeeding and pumping a ‘milkmaid,’ it’s not only an insult to the thousands of women who may have breastfed their babies for centuries. It’s an insult to any woman that struggled to get pregnant longs for a chance to have that experience with their child.” Oof.

“Well, yes body shaming, as a whole is not a good thing. It’s unhealthy, and before I say that I will say this,” Candiace replied.” Yes, what I said, if it offended Ashley, I apologize for it because it was not meant to shame her.” It certainly wasn’t a compliment.

Andy stated, “You’re doing an ‘If I offended’ apology?” Candiace was sticking to her butter knife guns. “Because I don’t know if she was offended,” the singer responded. “Because she said that it was offensive, I wanted to make it clear that I was not referring to her postpartum body. I talked about her forehead, her face, the whole thing,” she added.


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“But that’s body shaming,” Andy said. Candiace continued, “However, if we’re going to pick the pockets of Candiace and my body shaming, we must leave on the table every time anyone on our show in any show has talked about saggy titties has talked about stovepipe legs, has talked about flattering vaginas.” She added, “All body shaming, for whatever reason, Candiace is the only one who gets nailed to the cross, let’s work on that.” Wow.

“Oh boy, that’s the apology?” Andy asked. “Yes. Well, I apologized to Ashley already. I’m not repeating apologies,” Candiace commented. “One apology and she got it.”

“You are fascinating,” Andy quipped.


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