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Eileen Davidson Says It’s “Ugly” That Everyone Is “Jumping On The Bandwagon To Crucify” Erika Jayne

Lines continue to be drawn when it comes to Erika Jayne’s plight on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In the midst of some really unbelievable stories and contradictions, the cast has slowly started to catch on that Erika may not be telling the full truth. Maybe shedidn’t know about estranged husband Tom Girardi’s alleged embezzlement. But on the show, it looks like the only thing she is trying to accomplish is covering her own ass. While Sutton Stracke hasn’t bought it to begin with, the rest of the cast seemed firmly #teamerika.

Now, we are starting to see the cracks in real time. Kyle Richards, the real sniper from the side, is accused of talking behind Erika’s back outside of the show. And let’s not forget she does it in every confessional. Still, on the show, the ladies have kept a united front. They keep shoving their doubts and questions to the side (for now).

Other Bravolebrities have come out in defense of Erika too. Add former RHOBH housewife Eileen Davidson to that list. Despite being on the receiving end of Erika’s wrath when she was on the show, now Eileen is sticking up for her. Eileen spoke with Us Weekly about her thoughts on Erika’s troubles. She said, “If she’s guilty or she’s not, that’s going to come out one way or the other, but I think it’s kind of ugly when everybody’s jumping on this bandwagon of wanting to crucify her or say she did it when we don’t know, we just don’t know.

Eileen added,  “No matter how it looks, nobody really knows.” Well, of course nobody knows. One reason is because despite being on a reality show, Erika refuses to keep it real. At this point, no one is even asking Erika to comment on the legality of everything. But her “friends”/castmates are asking relevant questions about Erika’s life surrounding her divorce. And Erika refuses to open up unless it’s some convoluted story that no-one can follow. If someone questions her, they get her ire. If someone stands by her, they get treated to more BS stories. It’s one hell of a cycle.


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I’m not sure what part of this season made Eileen so sympathetic. Because let’s face it, she’s watching from the sidelines like everyone else. But whatever it is, Eileen’s stance on Erika is clear. She concluded about the allegations swirling around Erika, “And when it comes out, I’m sure she’ll have to pay the price if she’s guilty. Until then, she’s a human being, and to watch her go through that and how it’s affecting her and how it’s affecting all the women is uncomfortable.”

Is Eileen watching the same show we are? Who is jumping on the bandwagon? The majority of the cast has tried with all of their might to support Erika, no matter how ludicrous her stories are. In fact, one of the chief complaints from fans this season is that Sutton is the only one taking Erika to task. Seems like the only bandwagon around is the one where former castmates with blinders on stick up for a woman who is intent on hiding the truth. And Eileen hopped right on.


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