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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Wine, Wives, And Erika’s Alleged Lies

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is at its best when it’s dark. The drama surrounding Erika Jayne & Tom Girardi is this show at its best. SO JUICY!

You can tell Kyle Richards’ starting to really question the stories being spun by Erika. They’re getting wackier by the episode. I don’t know how her “friends” can sit there and stomach these wild tales anymore. I’d have to laugh in her face at this point. None of it sounds plausible.

Kathy Hilton’s arranged for the women to get pumped full of wine on a tour. She’s a genius! Nothing will get the truth poured out like a gaggle of drunk wives. Perfect!

Dorit Kemsley brings up the conversation Erika had with Lisa Rinna & Kyle. It’s time for the group to dissect the inconsistencies in Erika’s stories. Somehow Lisa’s still on Team Erika. However, everyone else is starting to smarten up.

EVERYONE’S REACTION TO LEARNING ERIKA’S SON FLIPPED HIS CAR IN THE SNOW IN CALIFORNIA. These stories are unbelievable. Garcelle doesn’t believe a word coming out of Erika’s mouth. I am also agreeing with Sutton about it being odd that Erika suddenly knows details about Tom’s happenings. Bullshit. This woman is absolutely in contact with Tom. Prove me wrong.

Crystal Kung Minkoff knows how difficult it is to deal with a loved one with dementia. It has to be hard for her to digest these stories about Tom. They’re triggering, but she’s handling it well. Unfortunately, we don’t know what’s real when it comes to Tom. It would be a shame to find out all of this was a ruse

Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Dorit feels bad because Erika cleared a lot of things up with the group. However, it’s still confusing. Erika’s new use of the word allegedly regarding Tom’s accident is mind boggling. Why is her story changing? HOW CAN ANYONE BELIEVE HER ANYMORE?

Dorit doesn’t want to push Erika too far, but how is that possible? If you think someone’s lying to you at every turn, questions are going to arise. If Erika doesn’t enjoy the questions in her direction, she should reinstate her relationship with the truth.

Erika tells the group what she’s going through sucks. What’s gross is hearing her talk about how Tom did good in the past. None of that matters now. If he did the things he was accused of, THAT is what the focus should be. There should be zero defending of Tom by Erika.

Sutton Stracke’s right about these women being afraid of Erika or desperate to be her friends. They’re all stuck kissing Erika’s ass, and it’s not genuine. It’s phony as hell.

Kyle draws attention to Sutton’s quiet nature because she’s messy and needs to stir it. Why doesn’t she own up to the comments SHE makes behind Erika’s back. She needs to stop acting like a confessional gangster and be upfront. I’d have more respect if she’d do that.

I can’t stomach the ass kissing anymore. Kyle, Dorit, & Lisa are actually making me want to throw up watching this. You can be there for your friend without going overboard like this.

Erika’s being nicer to Sutton to avoid making things uncomfortable for everyone else. I guess that’s nice of her. Why’s she acting like she’s above the fray. We all watched Sutton get threatened by this woman for simply asking questions. Cut the shit.

Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Sutton was surprised to see Erika finally speak to her. She doesn’t know if she can trust it because of their recent history. She and Garcelle Beauvais are having a full-blown conversation about Erika and are unaware she can hear them. THIS IS SO AWKWARD.

Lisa’s feelings have been hurt because nobody ever wants to do activities with her. Crystal finally does it, but I’m rubbed the wrong way. We all know about Crystal’s body image issues, so it’s so dirty for Lisa to not wear a bathing suit. She might’ve not done it maliciously, but it was so tone deaf.

Sutton’s hopeful for the future of her friendship with Erika. I don’t think Erika’s as open to forgiveness though. No way at all because it’s terrifying.

Erika tells Kyle she has ZERO dollars. The victims are the ones who need to be paid here, but damn that must suck. It’s hard to feel bad for Erika knowing the allegations brought forth though. Her desire to reclaim her affluent lifestyle is not a priority. Boo-hoo.

Erika shockingly apologizes to Sutton for lashing out at her. WOAH. It’s hard for Sutton to trust this apology, and for good reason. Erika’s in her interview talking about hating Sutton and not wanting to mends things. That’s fake and fraud. Although we’re talking about Erika, so those words shouldn’t be surprising.

Kathy Hilton Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Erika says she’s walking a fine line with all of the eyes on here. No matter what she does, she cannot win with ANYONE. Lisa makes an interesting point in her confessional that Erika’s likely advised not to be remorseful. If she offers too much remorse for the victims, it makes her look guilty. That could be the case, but it’s still hard to hear it.

The ladies play never have I ever, and Garcelle’s first statement is how she’s never stolen anything. Erika sees right through that thinly veiled attempt to get Erika to say something. She’s not going to take that bait, so she says no. Nice try Garcelle!

In more exciting news, Sutton admits to having done anal sex before. Anything to get us off of the never ending Erika saga. Sometimes it’s too much of Erika being crammed down our throats. A little break is nice.

In addition to Sutton’s anal, we also learn Kathy’s had sex in a doctor’s office. Yes girl! Wave that freak flag! Do your thing honey!

Erika goes on an insane rant about someone needing to shut the fuck up after having sex with her. Uh okay. Everything with her is secretly terrifying. Beneath the surface is a troubled woman who actually scares me a little. You never know when she’s going to completely snap on these women. It’s weird because it’s so out of nowhere.

Sutton cries in Kathy’s arms because she hates fighting with Erika. She felt like they were becoming close friends, so being foes is new territory. At the same time though, she doesn’t want a friendship where she’s forced to be silent. She’s asking the tough questions BECAUSE she cares. It’s not weird to ask for the truth. Friends shouldn’t lie to friends.


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