Erika Jayne Wore A Wire For A Fraud Case

Erika Jayne insists on being filmed for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills while being under investigation in connection with ex-husband Tom Girardi’s alleged embezzlement.  It’s inexplicable why she would put herself under scrutiny, or serve up potential evidence on a silver platter, except that Erika might really need the money.  Or her ego really needs the fame.

It was announced that investigators would be analyzing her every word.  And as such, Erika’s shocking claims during a game of Two Truths and a Lie warranted further analysis.  During the May episode of RHOBH, Erika revealed that she had worn a wire in her past and was a “witness in a government case.”

At the time, viewers were speculating whether this had anything to do with the embezzlement investigation against the Girardi Keese Law Firm.  However, according to an Us Weekly article, the trustee tasked with finding the alleged $101 million in debts owed by Tom confirmed that Erika’s wiring was not related to his investigation.

Ronald Richards explained the situation while appearing on the Up and Adam Live! YouTube channel late last week.  “She’s no longer working the government on this case as a witness,” he said, “in this case, basically there were some [credit card] charges that were disputed and Erika somehow became a victim and someone else got charged as a result of her statements and she was going to be a witness in the case.  She wore a wire.  She cooperated in the case to basically, where she contended that she was a victim of some sort of credit card offense but now that case has been dismissed.”

Well, ever the victim then.  But it’s surely a relief to Erika that that case had closed prior to the Girardi unraveling.  How much legal drama can one person take?  And surely there would be a conflict of interest and the government, “would’ve been in an odd situation,” as Ronald suggested had the cases continued alongside each other.

He then explained how he went about identifying the legal situation that Erika alluded to.  He said, “the admissions made on the reality show drew our attention to looking into [what she was referring to]. She said she wore a wire so that implied to me that she was working on a case and then we discovered there was a case.”


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Actually, it’s quite curious as to why Erika brought it up.  Did she let her guard down during a fun game with friends?  Though, it can’t be worse than what was said on the latest RHOBH episode.

“The credit card company returned the money years ago to Erika,” the lawyer concluded, “so it just made no sense, and then she brought it up out of the blue on May 26, 2021, and it just was a disturbing series of events that now it seems justice was rectified.”

Ronald Richards’ job of investigating Erika and $25 million that she allegedly spent on Amex and glam squads has landed him in her burn book.  And as such, Erika has made a habit of bashing him on social media.  In July, Erika labeled him a “clown ass” lawyer on social media.

He responded, “it is unfortunate that there is no client control, which has resulted in more profane and tone-deaf posts which now are apparently directed at myself and my hardworking team. We cannot help but point out the irony that she previously complained about comments made about her. However, now in a transparent attempt to deflect scrutiny from the source of her mass amounts of capital she is spending, she has now resorted to weaponizing her vast platform to hurl low-brow insults and mean tweets.”


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Mr. Richards is not playing.  And he knows the social media game as well.  Erika certainly hasn’t done herself any favors with her antics on Instagram and Twitter.  How much this tit for tat will continue is anybody’s guess, but as long as he is investigating Erika it’s open season for these kinds of abuses.

On a serious note, he reiterated that Erika, “is liable for the money that was advanced by the firm on her behalf.”  Meaning, it’s irrelevant if she didn’t know that the $25 million funneled into her business were embezzled funds.  She will still be held responsible for returning the funds.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]