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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Says Getting Cast On Real Housewives Was “Better” Than Having Babies

It’s been more than a hot minute, since Braunwyn Windham-Burke, along with Elizabeth Lyn Vargas and Kelly Dodd, was let go from Real Housewives Of Orange County, taking Sean Burke and his statement necklaces with her. And girl still won’t stop trying to be relevant. The ink has barely dried on the news that there’s a new girlfriend in the still married duo’s mix, and now it’s been revealed that given the choice between having babies and getting an orange, Braunwyn’s going to choose the orange.

Thanks to the new book recently released by author Dave Quinn, Not All Diamonds And Rosé: The Inside Story of the Real Housewives from the People Who Lived It, we are getting the down and dirty on all of our favorite housewives. We’ve learned that Lisa Vanderpump did in fact leak the “PuppyGate” story to the press, at least according to one producer. We found out that Andy Cohen was less than thrilled about the way Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen left Real Housewives of New York City. And Carole Radziwill is making sure everyone knows that Bethenny Frankel is still her ex-best friend. The inside tea just keeps coming, and I am so here for it.


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We all know that Braunwyn has been a less than stellar mother, we’ve seen it first hand on RHOC. Her children have lashed out via social media and, while once can certainly blame her drinking in part, she’s been happily sober for quite sometime now. It’s just that she seems a little more interested in her quest for self discovery, than say her 7 children. Don’t get me wrong, I have 4 of my own, and it’s a crazy whirlwind. Which is why I don’t have time for a love nest getaway, or the ability to travel round the country with girlfriends, looking for a good time. I also don’t have full-time help, or help for that matter, but I digress.

When we learned that Braunwyn had a new girlfriend, we also learned she had moved to New York. A move made presumably without her children, since Sean reassured her they’d be fine. Not quite mother-of-the-year material, but who am I to judge. Which is why, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn, that Braunwyn was more excited to receive her Bravo orange, than to have her children.

According to Not All Diamonds and Rosé, Braunwyn said, “When I got the final phone call in January, I screamed so loud, my kid ran in the room thinking something was wrong. I was jumping up and down. I mean, having babies was nice, but this was better.”


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Can someone please let Braunwyn know we don’t need her thirst, Heather Dubrow is headed back to RHOC and everyone’s glass of champs will be refilled. Not to mention, some people need to learn that not all press is good press. Hint. Hint.


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