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Heather Thomson Thinks Eboni K. Williams Is A “Race Baiter;” Slams Eboni For “Fake Narrative”

Last season of the Real Housewives of New York, the great divide between viewers was the nasty feud between Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer. There were arguments for both sides, with most people agreeing that Dorinda took it to the lowest level and she needed a break from the show. And this season, the feud between Leah McSweeney and Heather Thomson is causing yet another rift amongst fans. 

Heather claims Leah bullied her off the show early, referring to her as the “Queen B” which we all can agree is a title that belongs to Sonja Morgan. Leah was coming from a place of defending her co-stars since Holla Heather has made some nasty remarks on her podcast about her former castmates. Unfortunately, Leah isn’t exactly known for her delivery. And that’s even more so this year due to all of the personal issues she dealt with while filming.

And RHONY newbie Eboni K. Williams has gotten herself in the middle of the feud. It all started when Luann de Lesseps called Eboni “angry” in an argument about education. Lu’s ego got the best of her, but Eboni wasn’t backing down. Since Mama Heather considers herself to be embedded in “black culture” aka she worked for major hip-hop stars back in the day, she tried to whitesplain to Eboni and Leah and it was cringe-worthy.

I feel for Eboni. She has a lot on her shoulders being the first Black cast member and attempting to make these women, particularly Ramona Singer, understand microaggressions and white privilege. I’d take a break from social media too if people were saying half of the nasty remarks Eboni is receiving for advocating for herself. And she’s trying to defend her friend Leah who brought her on the show, which definitely isn’t an easy position to defend.

And speaking of social media bullying, Holla Heather is apparently joining the chorus of Eboni bashing online. Gross. Instagram account @queensofbravo captured the screenshots of Mama’s remarks that truly make me happy she left Season 13 early in the first place.

One fan commented on a post saying, “Eboni needs to go. She doesn’t fit in and she’s a race baiter.” Heather responded, “I have to agree with you. Hers is not a class I want to take.” THE AUDACITY. This comes after Heather commended Eboni for being “articulate” which is like the ultimate microaggression of all microaggressions. Apparently, Heather only likes learning about Black culture if it comes from Beyonce or Puffy. And that seems to only include adopting Black slang in an attempt to make herself seem cool and hip. There, I said it.


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Heather is obviously intimidated by Eboni “using her words” as Sonja says and decided to KEEP DIGGING HERSELF INTO A BIGGER HOLE. In another screenshot, she wrote a manifesto about the newbie that just makes her look bitter, not better. This time, it apparently has to do with the reason Heather peaced out of the season early. “The truth is production shut down and Eboni knows it,” Heather wrote.

Heather continued, “Its sad she is trying to Monday morning quarter back for Leah with what is a deliberate attempt to try to change the narrative of the sensitive issues that took place, it’s low and it is sad to see. I would have thought negative campaigning would be below Eboni but she’s shown us that it is not.” BYEEE MAMA. RHONY survived without you, and it will continue to now that you’re gone. Take a lesson from Miss Morgan and do more listening, less talking.

Heather continued her nonsense in the comment. “So much for her obligations to tell the truth. The fake narrative she’s trying to plant now is garbage,” she said. Like what fake narrative? We all saw you make a complete ass fool out of yourself with your comments to Eboni.


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“We know season 13 was edited, after i quit again, and so ya know they are gonna give me as little love as they possibly can,” Heather continued. “Contracted hw are their priority, not someone who quits. the whole experience is sad in and of itself on many levels, but at least they got one thing right! It’s true!!! I don’t fit in!!!!” Alright so another former Real Housewives blaming editing and production yet again. Production didn’t tell you to say Eboni was “articulate” or try to be the white translator of the group. You did that all on your own.

And if we remember back to Season 12, Tinsley left the show early and got a fairytale princess edit AND invited back to the reunion. While I’m neither #TeamLeah or #TeamHolla in their feud, Heather should just stick to gossiping about her golden RHONY years on her podcast. It’s obvious the show is beyond her.

All I have left to say is that Season 13 of RHONY needs to make a turn, fast. Get these girls out of the Hamptons. Give us more Sonja and Eboni bonding. And LuMona content. Finally, where the hell is Bershan Shaw already??


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