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Leah McSweeney Admits She Was Hard On Heather Thomson During This Season On Real Housewives Of New York

The current season of the Real Housewives of New York has been a doozy, and not exactly in a positive way. The ladies attempt to keep their high-energy vibes amidst the coronavirus pandemic that hit NYC extremely hard. The five apple-holders seem to be on edge, whether it’s family issues or, in Ramona Singer’s case, the calls for accountability amid a racial reckoning and complete political turmoil in the U.S. Sonja Morgan’s drinking a littttle (or a lot) too much and having meltdowns about her past life. Even a new and improved Luann de Lesseps was set off by newbie Eboni K. Williams that turned into a vitriolic feud. And Leah McSweeney is sober again and dealing with a lot of family issues behind the scenes.

It’s no secret that Leah’s had a rough one. She’s receiving a lot of hate, which I can understand, but even Ramona told fans to give her a break. She lost her grandmother while filming in the Hamptons which led to not one, but a few outbursts from Leah. Her half-hearted attempt to defend her friends from Holla Heather Thomson’s slander turned into a whole mess. But I commend her intention — she wasn’t down for the ladies to be buddy-buddy with Mama Heather without knowing the rumors she was spreading about them.

Leah recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week, and marked her first in-person stint at the clubhouse with Andy Cohen. While discussing the season, Page Six reports Leah admitted she was “definitely hard” on Holla Heather. According to Leah, she exploded on Heather, otherwise known as Karen, because she thought Heather called her a “dumb bitch.” But watching back the show, Leah realized Heather didn’t say the word “dumb.” “I was like, ‘Oh, whoops,” she said. That was one “oops” that caused a whole lot of bad blood in the RHONY universe.

Miss Tiki Torches went on to admit how she feels now, after Heather left filming early and the tumultuous events were left in the past. “Look, I don’t think we were ever gonna be besties,” she admitted. Now THAT’S the understatement of the year. After watching this season and reflecting, Leah realized she was “taking things out” on Heather, such as her heartbreak regarding her grandmother’s health. “I was watching [the show] – I was like ‘Wow. I’m really not being myself,” she said. We love some self-awareness around here.


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However, Leah’s not ready to let Heather totally off the hook just yet. “But at the same time, what she did afterwards and saying that, like, i should have left to see my grandmother when she knows damn well I didn’t get to say bye to my grandmother was just a low that I would never go,” she said. And I get that too — the RHONY girls need to attend the Eboni K. Williams school for empathy.

Leah also backed her claims that she apologized to Heather through DMs once she learned Mama was skipping out on the election party, never to be filmed again (for Season 13 at least). It sounds like Mama Heather never responded. Maybe she wasn’t “articulate” enough to come up with a good response. Or she’s pulling at Carole Radziwill and blocking her haters out of her life. The world may never know, unless Heather makes yet another return to RHONY someday.


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