Wendy Osefo’s Candle Line Sold Out Within 72 Hours Of Release

Wendy Osefo has been a central character during this season of Real Housewives of Potomac. She’s Wendy 2.0. Zen Wen, you might call her (most don’t). Wendy’s wearing happy & ness loud and proud on her chest, and doesn’t care who has a problem with it. Particularly if that person is Gizelle Bryant. Wendy’s dealt with cheating rumors about her husband Eddie Osefo and some major shade from the green-eyed bandits. But throughout it all, she’s been coming for everybody’s necks when they try to cross her like a pro.

One minor storyline this season is the battle of the RHOP candles. Zen Wen kicked off this season with a candle line. And while she had a product, her business plan was less than concrete. Eddie, the most supportive husband of all time, stepped in to help her out and work out the kinks. To make matters even messier, Karen Huger, Wendy’s new BFF, is ALSO releasing a La Dame candle. With three wicks, not one like Wendy’s product. While it may seem like a recipe for a feud, Karen and Wendy have been pretty chill about each other’s candle efforts. As for Mia Thornton’s weak attempts to make herself relevant in the drama, that’s another story.


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Wendy’s candles had a shaky start, but it looks like they are a success, despite Gizzy’s not-so-well wishes. Onyi Home Essentials posted on Instagram that they sold out of the candles in less than 72 hours. One post says the candles sold make up three months’ worth of inventory. But Wendy’s ready for a restock. “Words cannot even begin to describe our appreciation and love for each one of you,” the caption read.

In a separate post, Onyi shared a snap of Whisky Wendy sending out the second wave of orders. She again promised a restock soon, but time will tell whether or not she or the Grand Dame will come out on top in candle sales. I’m gonna need Nicki Minaj to get down to the bottom of #candlegate during the upcoming RHOP reunion because it really is a damn mess. Are celebrity-backed candles really in such high demand these days? I don’t know, and that’s what I need the mother of all Barbz to find out.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]