Gizelle Bryant Implies That She Discussed Cheating Rumors With Wendy Osefo Prior To Filming; Says “Her Reaction, For Me, Was Bonkers”

One of the main storylines this season on Real Housewives of Potomac is the rumor that Wendy’s Osefo’s husband, Eddie Osefo, has a mistress and a side baby. Eddie slammed the rumor by posting a beautiful photo of the RHOP star and their children on Instagram. Eddie captioned the photo, “the mother of my ONLY 3 babies.” That is a pretty direct statement.

But Wendy wasn’t pleased about who brought the rumor to the RHOP cast. Wendy called out Gizelle Bryant for spreading the whispers around the streets of Potomac. “I do think it was premeditated and I also know that certain individuals on this show have a pattern in the practice of attacking people’s families, ” Wendy stated. “That’s what they do.”

During the RHOP ladies’ trip to Williamsburg, Virginia, a furious Wendy told Gizelle not to bring up Eddie’s name. So much for “Zen Wen!” She also stated that if Gizelle had come to her one-on-one, all this messiness could have been avoided. Sure, Wendy.

Surprisingly, Wendy admitted that she and Eddie already knew about the rumors before they were mentioned by the cast. “We just celebrated 10 years of marriage,” Wendy remarked. “It’s a lie, so we were not affected.” I like this duo, so I hope it isn’t true.

During the most recent episode of the show, Wendy delivered a statement telling Gizelle that she isn’t needed. And who was living for that speech? Gizelle’s enemy, Karen Huger. Karen is now tight with Wendy ever since Gizelle and Wendy’s relationship fractured. I love Karen and Gizelle shading each other.


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Gizelle, in her opinion, did nothing wrong discussing the gossip. “There were Eddie rumors on social media, and typically if things are out there, we talk about it,” Gizelle said. Unless it is about Gizelle’s man.

During an appearance on We Should Talk, Gizelle discussed the Eddie rumors with host Gibson Johns. “I’m gonna give you a little tea, Gibson. Before the season even started, she and I talked about it on the phone. We talked about all the social media stuff,” Gizelle stated. “It was a very rushed conversation, and we had to get off the phone, and in my mind, I was like, ‘I’m gonna readdress this with her.'” Say what now? Gizelle and Wendy already talked about it?

Gizelle continued, “But, like, not the reaction she had in Williamsburg — at all! Very, very, very strange and different. Because I had talked to her about these things before, and […] she wasn’t upset about any of it! Right?” Wendy deserves an Oscar for acting if what Gizelle said is true.

“So to talk about it on camera, clearly, is not gonna upset you. Her reaction, for me, was bonkers. […] Why would [your reaction] be the difference if you weren’t upset about it off-camera?” Gizelle commented. “And because everyone is clearly saying, ‘We don’t believe this, we don’t believe this.’ And, we talk about people’s husbands! These are conversations that, if we’re girlfriends, we have — period,” Gizelle added.


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