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Austen Kroll Denies Unfollowing Lindsay Hubbard; Says He “Shouldn’t Have To Teach A 36-Year-Old How To Act”

Winter House is here to play. It’s only season one, and already the show has caused it’s share of drama, both on and off screen. Drama that we are sure to see trickle down to the next seasons of both Southern Charm and Summer House. And at the center of the newest drama, once again is Mr. Muppet Mouth, Austen Kroll. Say what?!? How did this happen? When did Austen become the driving story line antagonist? At least I’m not the only one having trouble wrapping my mind around this development?

Recently, Austen found himself in the hot seat, when he went on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Austen was asked who the better kisser was between Ciara Miller and Lindsay Hubbard… while Lindsay was sitting front and center in the audience! This is when you literally plead the fifth. Not our boy. Austen proudly declared Ciara to be better in that area. Has he never watched Hubb House unleash her fury? Was anyone else cringing and wishing Andy would bring out a platter of sandwiches to save the day.

I get that Linds fully expected to walk away from Winter House with a new boo, but setting her sights on Austen was a little far fetched. Not to mention, you know that Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo ending up in an actual relationship, despite the fact they weren’t even together during the show, has got to be eating her alive. It should come as no surprise that not only did Lindsay need to take a break from her friendship with Austen, but that she should want to unfollow him as well.

In fact, Linds went on the Reality Live With Kate Casey to explain just that. “At some point, you know, I just, I can’t, like, be OK with keeping that kind of person in my life. I don’t need to train a 34-year-old man how to be a good friend to me. It’s just not in the cards.” She does however, need to to train all men in the art of bringing her a sandwich. Just saying.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Lindsay pushed the unfollow button, and rumor’s abounded that the unfollow was mutual. According to an interview with ET, while Austen definitely pushed many of Lindsay’s buttons, the one he did not push was the unfollow button. “That was Lindsay’s doing. Well, actually the “block” button.”

In fact, after the rumors were started, Austen reached out to Linds via text. “Linds, our friendship is important to me. I hope that we get a chance to speak in the future…” I can respect a girl who draws her boundaries, especially if they involve not drinking Trop Hop for the unforeseeable future.


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The WWHL episode was filmed right after the release of Winter House‘s second episode. The one where Lindsay appears and confesses her love and desire for a relationship to Austen, after he had already begun canoodling with Ciara.

According to the video chat on ET, Austen believed things were okay between him and Lindsay, but he did admit the awkwardness of it all. “Maybe Lindsay just shouldn’t have been there that night. I think that her emotions were riding high, too, because of the episode.” Astute observation Captain Obvious.

With regard to Lindsay’s appearance on the Reality Life podcast, Austen was quite clear, telling ET, “I don’t agree with any of that. She is now dating another person.” Wait… what? Did Austen just out Carl Radke and Lindsay as a couple? But I digress.

Austen went on to share that Lindsay was all about herself during the WWHL taping, making dramatic falls to the ground when she learned Andy asked her to be in the audience. Austen didn’t hesitate to call her out on it, saying, “Linds, this was your goal from the moment that you got here. Come on then, come out in the audience but it’s not going to change my answers.” Well at least he was clear about that from the get go, but what do you expect?



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“I was trying to be as peaceful as possible, but when Andy starts to ask questions, you’re just kind of shooting from the hip. You’re shooting from the hip, you’re trying to make it short, sweet and as entertaining as possible and I certainly did not mean to make Lindsay feel as badly as she’s making it seem that I did, as if I attacked her or kicked her dog or something.”

“And I shouldn’t have to train a 36-year-old woman how to not act at Watch What Happens Live.” Touché Austen, touché.


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