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Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 6 Reunion Part 2 Recap: Planting The Seeds For A Take Down

Real Housewives of Potomac reunion part two let’s go! This is going to be a good one because all of these women deliver each and every episode. EEP!

Candiace vs Mia Part 2

Candiace Dillard Bassett Real Housewives Of Potomac

It doesn’t take long for the drama to being as Candiace Dillard Bassett & Mia Thornton are still in the middle of fighting. I have to say I’m Team Candiace on this one. That won’t shock many people, but Mia can’t complain about her mom when she’s the one who brought her on. It makes sense for Candiace to not want the possible relapse falling back on her. Nobody is technically responsible besides her mother, but if anything Mia’s in the wrong more than Candiace.

Mia says her mother wanted to tell her story on camera. It didn’t feel that way. Every time we saw Mia’s mother, she looked incredibly uncomfortable. Every scene was a new way of shaming her for her past and holding it over her. It was very awkward to watch as a viewer. Compelling, but awkward nonetheless.

Mia insinuates that she might want to kick Candiace’s ass. Why is everyone alright with people threatening Candiace? This is unacceptable. Karen Huger chimes in about why it has to stop, and she says she doesn’t cut to the bone with Gizelle Bryant. She thought Gizelle wished death on Ray Huger. How is THAT not horrible?

There’s an insane double standard on this show when it comes to Candiace. Everyone in the group’s allowed to run their mouths. Candiace is called out for body shaming, but there’s a clear history of others doing the same. I know the colorist accusation is something that gets everyone up in arms, but there might be some truth to it.

Andy Cohen asks Wendy Osefo where she stands on Candiace’s comebacks and her mouth. Thankfully Wendy has some sense and says Candiace is just good at sticking her landing. It’s not Candiace’s fault that she’s a better orator than others in the group. If you don’t want any, don’t start any.

It’s getting obvious the majority of the cast is trying to ice Candiace out. However, you can’t argue that the show got far more interesting when she joined. The first two seasons aren’t nearly as good as the rest of seasons that followed. The proof is in the footage.

Andy calls out Mia for becoming a disaster on Twitter. Not only is she a disaster, but she’s horrible at it. She’s a total social media mess. She tries to blame everything on her social media manager. Why is that everyone’s excuse when they’re called out for acting like an asshole? Wouldn’t it just be easier to admit who you are as a person? Own it baby!

Mia’s thirst for attacking Askale Davis on Twitter is weird too. Askale was so irrelevant all season. Why are we attacking her? Let her try to have a moment with her constant surprised face. The part that’s really grinding my gears is Andy being willing to give Mia a pass for her mouth because it’s her first season. If this were Candiace, we know he’d be down her throat with full on attacks. It’s trash.

A Feud As Old As Time

Karen Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

Karen says she got from the blogs that Gizelle had an STD. We love Karen reading the blogs looking for dirt to use against Gizelle. These two must have some sort of arrangement to come at one another. That’s the only thing that makes sense with their dynamic.

Let’s get one thing clear. Gizelle never wished death of any kind on Ray. For Karen to use something from three years ago was weak shit. Karen’s far too above reaching that deep into the well for washed up drama like that. There’s plenty of current issues to drag Gizelle for. I feel like Karen entered this season not knowing her place within the group and wanted to start off hot.

Gizelle continues to say she never spread rumors about Eddie Osefo. Technically that’s true, but she knew what she was doing by bringing up the things being discussed online. The more you talk about things the worse it’s going to get. Gizelle wants an apology for something Wendy didn’t even really do to her daughter. However, she will NEVER give that seem courtesy to Wendy and her children. In Gizelle’s eyes, she’s keeping the show moving, so nothing she does it wrong.

Andy asks Karen & Gizelle to say something positive to each other. Gizelle’s pleased with the way Karen interacted with her kids when she went to her home. This causes Gizelle to break down and start crying which is a rare occurrence. Seeing real raw emotion from Gizelle is shocking at this stage in the game.

Karen compliments Gizelle for being a great mother and for coming on the other side of her bad moments. We even get a Karen & Gizelle hug! There is progress afoot in Potomac!

Messy Mama

Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

Ashley Darby had an easier time this time with postpartum depression. It’s a relief to hear she wasn’t having any of the dark thoughts or urges that creeped in last time around. With a husband who’s always embroiled in a scandal, it’s easy to imagine there’s a lot of extra weight on her shoulders. Do any of us think Michael Darby actually holds his own as a parent to these children? He seems inconvenienced by these pregnancies at every turn because he’s gross.

I’m dying of laughter watching Ashley’s attempt at defending Michael trying to produce movies. Porn. Pornography is the type of films he’d be making. We know who and what this man is.

Things are back in track in the bedroom for Ashley & Michael. For all of you who actually cared about that, there you go. For everyone else, I’m deeply sorry for sharing details about Michael having sex.

Someone asks Ashley a question about if she puts Michael’s body shaming on the same level as Candiace. Ashley doesn’t think Michael was being offensive because she’s the most naive woman on the planet. She constantly makes excuses for his shitty behavior, and I’m over it.

I do think Candiace’s obsession with Ashley’s breast milk was gross because why does it matter to her? She brought it up a rate far too frequent. However, Ashley’s no stranger to hitting below the belt. She isn’t a virgin at being messy and stirring up drama. Let’s not forget the Ashley that existed in the first few seasons.

Somehow Ashley doesn’t think colorism exists within this group of women. That’s just blatantly untrue. Candiace admits she’s holding grudges against Ashley for things in the past. The writing of the letter on behalf of Monique Samuels is something still deeply troubling Candiace.

Candiace won’t ever trust Ashley because of how close she still is with Monique. Despite this, I think there’s hope for Ashley & Candiace to mend things. I don’t think Ashley realized how much this affected Candiace. We might see these two finally bury the hatchet for next season. Fingers crossed!

Not So Zen Wen

Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

Wendy doesn’t have to explain her plastic surgery to anyone. There shouldn’t be this much dialogue around whatever procedures she received. It’s gross for her to have to defend why she chose to do what she did.

Wendy says the issue was Robyn Dixon’s delivery for asking questions. Saying Wendy was too loose is awful because that’s an implication that she’s a whore. It doesn’t feel good to hear that.

I mean there was obviously a change in personality for Wendy. Some of it was cringe and too extra. She was saying “Tick Tock” and other awkward shit like that. WEIRD. What’s also weird is Wendy having absolutely no idea what she’s doing with this home essentials line. It was out of left field and there was zero preparedness on her end.

Karen coming out with her own candle is one thing because she had an established business. However, Mia fast tracking HER own candle called revenge is an epic level of pettiness. I don’t care for her, but this is HILARIOUS.

Gizelle may have said it repeatedly that she doesn’t think the rumors are true. It’s cool to say that, but there’s no way her intentions were good. Wendy fires at Gizelle saying that she got a whole tummy tuck and couldn’t keep Jamal Bryant. WELL DAMN! Wendy came prepared with the reads toward Gizelle at this reunion.


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