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Robyn Dixon Says Wendy Osefo Was “Looking For A Moment” At Real Housewives Of Potomac Reunion

Real Housewives of Potomac just wrapped up its season, and I’m truly sad that I won’t be seeing my girls every Sunday night anymore. Thankfully, Queen Nicki Minaj showed up during the last episode of the reunion to guest host aka throw shade and ask the real questions of the ladies. She put Ashley Darby in the hot seat about all of Michael Darby’s questionable behavior. She asked Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon if they were secret lovers. And, of course, she brought up all of the rumors swirling around Wendy Osefo, her husband, and her plastic surgery. Oh, and her random switch up to start a candle business, but that’s a whole other issue.

I’m a Zen Wen fan, but this season was rough for her. She and Gizzy’s feud got really low and dirty, signaling that their friendship is probably on a break for the time being (if not forever). Gizelle proved she remains the most unbothered person of all time and has no regrets about her treatment of Wendy this season. And at the reunion, Wendy’s receipts fell a little flat, despite her reads being solid. It was a bummer to watch.


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Robyn took to Instagram to call out Wendy’s tactics at the reunion, making fun of her for making a poster board print out of their texts. Bravo posted a meme on Instagram of the moment and Robyn couldn’t help but flood the comments, as captured by @QueensofBravo. “Put this one in the @realhousewivesmuseum under the definition of ‘looking for a moment,'” Robyn wrote, adding an eye roll emoji and a corn emoji. So looks like Robyn jumped on Nicki’s jokes of calling Wendy corny. That’s not going to go over well with Zen Wen. She’d probably classify that comment as shady, not exactly reasonable.

Even though the text moment fell flat at the reunion, it was still hilarious that Wendy got it printed out so massively. Wendy seems as though she’s getting a little too caught up in playing the Real Housewives game, rather than picking her battles. Gizelle is a hard person to press. She feuds with Karen Huger every other day, so Wendy’s jabs have no effect. Wendy’s got a talent for throwing shade, she just needs to be more strategic about it. And forever remember to focus on her “happy” & “ness” above all else.


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