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Gizelle Bryant Says She’s Not “A Mean Girl” And Has No Regrets About How She Treated Wendy Osefo

Real Housewives of Potomac has officially closed out another stellar season. The four part reunion was a perfect way to wrap up all the drama. And it helped that super fan Nicki Minaj showed up to really hold the ladies accountable for their actions. Andy Cohen take note!

One of the main storylines of the season was the ongoing feud between OG Gizelle Bryant and sophomore housewife Wendy Osefo. Wendy came into her second season with new boobs, a new butt, and a whole new attitude. While she tried to stand up for herself in her first season, it fell flat and she was easily steamrolled by Gizelle and company. Clearly Wendy decided she needed to change her game plan and came into this season tits guns blazing! So what did Gizelle do? What she always does – hate! Gizelle accused Wendy of getting plastic surgery to keep her husband interested after cheating rumors surfaced. Rumors that Gizelle was all too happy to mention on camera. Wendy was not happy and she came for Gizelle hard.

Now Gizelle is opening up on the way she handled herself with Wendy and of her reputation for being a “mean girl.” Gizelle spoke with Essence and told them, “What you see on camera is what you get. I’m a fun girl. I’m a girly girl, but I am no-nonsense. No, I’m not mean. However, I can see where people might think that. I do say things to the other ladies on the show and if you would just hear me say it without the music in the background and all of the things that go into a show, then it would just be a conversation as opposed to me being a mean girl. I really don’t think that I’m mean. I have very good intentions, always.”


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“Good intentions” aside, Gizelle took a lot of heat from fans for how she treated Wendy. Gizelle not only pushed the narrative that Eddie Osefo had been cheating, but she claimed she only brought it up in defense of Wendy. Is anyone buying that? Now Gizelle might not be a great person for this one, but it does make her an excellent housewife. As bad as I feel for Wendy, this is what you signed up for and no one’s marriage is off limits. Especially on RHOP, where the ladies let it all out.

And for that reason, Gizelle maintains that she is ok with how she handled the situation. She admitted, “[I have] absolutely no regrets. We’re on a show to talk about our lives. When we talked about the rumor about her husband, it wasn’t just that. It was like, ‘Hey, sis. You’re new to this game. You’re just here for your second season. There’s a lot of social media nonsense out there. How are you able to handle that?’”

She concluded, “I know that social media is devastating to people when they first come on because they’re like, ‘Oh my God, all of these people have this commentary about who I am, what I am, and what I look like.’ And that’s really a lot to take. So that’s really what that was, but she just became so angry so I just let her sit in her anger.”

Messy treatment of Wendy aside, I can’t imagine the franchise without Gizelle. Now if only she would practice what she preaches and mention it all about her own love life. Doesn’t she owe it to us and her castmates?


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