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Wendy Osefo Slams Gizelle Bryant For Not Reaching Out When Her Daughter Was In The Hospital

The last season of Real Housewives of Potomac put sophomore housewife Wendy Osefo front and center for the drama. She even earned a seat next to Andy Cohen at the reunion. While Wendy started the season on a lighter note, showing off her new body from plastic surgery, things quickly went downhill. All thanks to The Green Eyed Bandits. Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon were quick to point out that “last season Wendy” was gone and replaced with someone they didn’t recognize physically or personality wise.

Let’s face it – Wendy is certainly not to first housewife to do this. Every housewife sees themselves on their first season, decides they need some tweaking both to their looks and their strategy. I personally think from a personality standpoint, Wendy realized her first season character didn’t really work. So she made some edits and came out swinging. Which wasn’t hard given that aside from constant body shaming, Gizelle and Robyn gave life to a rumor than Wendy’s man was cheating on her. Then went on to assume that was the reason Wendy got work done. Oof, the misogyny in that theory is overwhelming. And honestly, Gizelle and Robyn overplayed their hand and came off like a bunch of bitter haters.

But for someone like Gizelle, who came for Wendy for supposedly side-eying Gizelle’s daughter, she’s certainly not practicing what she preaches. We reported back in early November that Wendy’s two year old daughter was hospitalized. And according to Wendy, Gizelle is the only cast member who didn’t reach out to her. Wendy took to Twitter to address it. She tweeted, “I find it very disheartening, that when my 2 year-old was fighting for her life in the ICU for a week you @GizelleBryant were the ONLY one of my #RHOP cast mates who did not text, call, nothing. Instead, you went on @TheRealDaytime & shaded me while I was at my lowest point.”


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Now as much as I would like to say, well they weren’t friends, Gizelle really has no excuse. Friends or not, they are colleagues and you put your differences aside to at least send a supportive text. I truly believe that Gizelle is wrong for this. Once again, Gizelle just comes off as petty. Extra petty, really.

As for Gizelle’s claim at the reunion that Wendy shaded her daughter, Wendy responded to that too. She tweeted, “I am a mother first. I firmly believe children are off limits. If Grace was hurt I apologize. As the clip shows, my facial expression was a reflection of just being kicked out of the event and I was visibly upset. Our issues have nothing to do with your daughter.”

So it looks like tis feud isn’t going to end anytime soon. Which will make for an interesting next season if both of them come back. Either way, Gizelle has been sitting pretty for way too long. Even with her fights with Karen Huger, it seems like she is untouchable on the show. But maybe she has finally met her match in Wendy. Because we all know you don’t disrespect someone’s kid. Gizelle so much as said it herself.


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