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Karen Huger Slams Gizelle Bryant For Hurting Her Kids By “Wishing Death On Ray” Years Prior

While the Real Housewives of Potomac are always arguing back and forth about something, at the center is truly Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant’s forever feud. The pair of frenemies have gone at it since the first season, seemingly debating on who can come up with the most creative digs (Grande Dame for the win). And while they both have solid points to be wary of one another, it’s good to remember that they did start off the show as friends. Boy how the times have changed.

Their current RHOP feud is really about a comment made YEARS ago. Why Karen decided to get pissed about it now is a mystery, but it’s sure brought a lot of bickering back and forth in group scenes. The Grande Dame claims that Gizzy wished death on Ray Huger after making a comment that Ray would be “buried six feet under” before her beauty fades SEASONS AGO. Not exactly wishing death on Ray in my book, but I live for a feud. And Karen’s used it as fuel to back Wendy Osefo after being AMBUSHED by the green-eyed bandits who are jealous of her “happy” “ness.”


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Karen decided to post the clip in question on her Instagram page, and a fight scene with Gizelle from RHOP, to get another chance to bash her forever frenemy. She posted a length caption and decided to kick it off by bringing up Monique Samuel’s binder and allegations at last year’s reunion, which we know hasn’t sat right with Gizzy. “However, Robyn [Dixon] says her bosom buddy never wished death on Ray…then she says that was 4 years ago,” Karen wrote. “Well if she never said it, it would be zero years ago.” Karen, I live for you but LET IT GO. Gizelle’s done plenty of other shady things to be mad about.

Then La Dame brings up the “laundry list of DIRT” she could bring up about Gizelle. “You can’t hurt me. However, because this hurt my children to hear this come out of your mouth, you need to acknowledge their pain and at minimal say you regret your choice of words,” she continued. Sus about whether or not this was the comment that pissed of Karen’s kids, but Gizzy should just pull a Ramona Singer, give a half-ass apology and move on. She’s got bigger fish to fry with not-so Zen Wen these days.


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She finished off the post by saying it doesn’t matter how old her children are but “hurt is hurt” and claiming “there is no expiration date on pain.” And I never can back Real Housewives hurting kids but this is a bit extreme. Also, clearly, Gizelle’s kids were affected by Karen’s statements about Jamal Bryant Who Lives In The Phone (even though they lowkey seem to know he’s a damn mess). Seems a bit hypocritical, but this entire feud has faults on both sides. Nicki Minaj needs to hold court at the reunion to get to the bottom of all of this.


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